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Adjustable pregnancy pillow in luxurious Australian made memory foam. Supports tummy and back throughout the pregnancy & beyond.

Quite possibly the world’s best resting pillow for mothers-to-be! Cushions and comforts your tummy right through pregnancy, while also providing wonderful back support to keep you in the medically recommended side position during rest and sleep.

Cushions and comforts your tummy right through pregnancy, while also providing wonderful back support to keep you in the medically recommended side position during rest and sleep.

  • Maintains comfortable side position recommended for the health of mother & baby.
  • No need for multiple pillows!  
  • Suits all body sizes and shapes.
  • Place your own pillow cases over each bumper if so desired. 
  • Removable sleeve inners for easy cleaning of cover.
  • The perfect maternity Body Pillow.
  • Memory foam specially treated to inhibit allergens.
  • Stretch cotton cover adjusts to all body shapes. Quality Latte-colored cover is soft to the ‘feel’.
  • Stops restless tossing and turning.
  • For rest or sleep - both the abdomen and back are cushioned and supported.
  • Correct spinal alignment to ease backache.
  • Elevates extremities to reduce swelling
  • Shape and position can be adjusted as pregnancy progresses.
  • Flexible design suits all body sizes and shapes.
  • Quality 100% cotton stretch cover adjusts to body movement and physiques.
  • Great Pregnancy Gift.

Sculptured Australian made memory foam with a polyfil topping for superb comfort and support.

Specially sculptured memory foam sleeves diffuse pressure to the abdomen and back, spreading the body’s load evenly and avoiding pressure points and therefore inducing quality sleep. Comfort options …it’s your choice..

Tummy Snuggler™ uses a unique combination of memory foam and super-soft polyfill so you have the option to use the side to best suit your comfort needs.  As the abdomen develops in the last two trimesters simply delete polyfill to lower the bumpers if that is what is needed.

Also helpful for snorers to maintain the side sleeping position throughout the night

Side sleeping is also the preferred position to help minimise light (annoying) snoring as it allows the soft tissues (palate) to fall to the side of the airway inducing clearer breathing, thus reducing the chance of soft tissue vibration (snoring sound) from inhaled air more common with back sleeping.
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Service rating : Fast service. No complaints. Would love to try other products.

Product : Great belly and back support. Makes it easy for turning over from one side to another. Doesn't take up any extra room in the bed.
Service rating : The Pillow arrived very quickly.

Product : Improved my nights sleep immediately
Service rating : I am pleased with my new pillows. I suffered all sorts of aches and pains when sleeping, and even when watching television. My new pillows now help me to sit up or lie down in a comfortable position.

Product : This pillow is absolutely great. It does indeed do the job. I allow my tummy to rest on the pillow while I sleep on my side. It is indeed a tummy snuggler.
Service rating : Excellent

Product : Excellent
Service rating : The service provided was first class. The order was placed and 2 days later, the items arrived! Excellent service and I would recommend Therapeutic Pillows to others.

Product : This pillow has been a complete godsend......I am finally able to get comfortable at night and get some really good sleep. Thanks to the tummy snuggler!
Service rating : Very good, prompt and easy

Product : Ver comfy, my wife is very happy with the pillow
Service rating : Great service. Very quick delivery.

Product : I wish I bought this earlier in my pregnancy. It saved my sleep in the last couple of months. It didn't make me too hot or take up heaps of space in the bed like other pregnancy pillows.
Fantastic maternity pillow - supportive and comfortable. I have recommended to others
Service rating : Company is great and I was very happy with the service

Product : Very comfortable and easy to use. Very good feedback from the mother to be.
Best pregnancy purchase I made and great for recovery from caeseran section also.
Service rating : Easy to order and arrived quickly.

Product : Very happy with the product
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