Complete Sleeprrr Original - Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

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Regarded by health professionals as the perfect memory foam cervical neck support pillow. One size suits all. Adjustable to suit all physiques.

Luxurious cervical neck support pillow features removable foam inserts, giving you as many as 12 adjustment options so you can create the pillow to suit your comfort needs.
  • Premium grade foam. Made in Australia.
  • Designed to encourage side sleeping.
  • Temperature-sensitive visco elestic memory foam 'feeling is believing' .
  • Visco memory foam responds to your body's warmth and moulds and shapes to your head and neck giving your spine support.
  • Encourages the natural alignment of your spine by providing even support.
  • Super-soft cervical neck support pillow.
  • Comes in a 'breathing' open weave cover.

The totally adjustable memory foam contour neck pillow that is designed to help reduce snoring through side sleeping.

Therapeutically contoured and designed by health professionals to give you the perfect neck support & alignment a memory foam pillow can offer.
Two easily removable/re-workable inserts allow you to change the shape and height to suit your comfort and postural needs.
Pillows made to measure: Takes the risk out of your pillow being too high, too low, too hard or too soft. It's all so simple. One size suits all!

Benefits for the Complete Sleeper pillow

  • Features 'higher' and 'lower' sides as well as contour variance for maximum individual support and comfort for side or back sleeping.
  • Pillow's clever design encourages side sleeping which is beneficial in enhancing breathing, and minimizing snoring.
  • Scalloped under-edges allow shoulder (when side sleeping) to slip snugly under pillow for close-knit fit.
  • Head and neck are cushioned and supported during sleep.
  • Designed to help alleviate and avoid neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness.
  • Foam 'noodles' in corefoam surface can be removed to make for an even softer feeling pillow.
  • May assist asthma sufferers and others who require clear breathing patterns.
  • Pillow's contour may help stop snoring by enhancing the airway through encouraging better spinal alignment.
  • Channels in corefoam surface, combined with the open-weave inner cover, allow air to circulate, for cooler, healthier sleep.
  • Recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, myotherapists, and naturopaths.

Totally adjustable cervical pillow - A revolution in pillow concept and design.

Align your spine with this supportive cervical pillow. Carved from premium grade memory foam and valued for its superb comfort and support qualities for people of all physiques.Using open-cellular technology, it is widely known for its product longevity and economical price. Regarded by many health professionals as an ideal 'marriage' between comfort and support.

You select the softness to suit your body shape & preference.

You can also change the surface density of Complete Sleeper to suit your own comfort needs. For an even softer feel simply take out the foam 'noodles' that are positioned within the channels in the pillow's surface.

If you do remove some or all of them to enhance the initial softness, then store them for possible later use after natural softening of the pillow has occurred. Each channel can take up to three 'noodles' together, so re-plump support where it's needed most - under your neck!

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Service rating : Great service

Product : Great pillow. Bought two for my parents as I have one, my mum loves it, dad is still coming around to it.
Service rating : Very prompt service and extremely reputable company

Product : I am so thrilled with my new complete sleep original memory foam pillow. Thankyou for the best night sleeps I have ever had. No more neck pain.
Service rating : Very quick delivery

Product : This is my second Sleeperrr pillow. I suffer with neck pain and this is by far the best pillow for me and I have tried quite a few
Service rating : prompt delivery

Product : great product
Service rating : nil

Product : nil
Service rating : Excellent service, fast shipping.

Product : Item as described, very happy with the pillow.
Service rating : Very fast delivery. Goods were as advertised.

Product : Strong smell for a while but OK now. Still playing with comfort levels. Love that it is adjustable and I can experiment with height and softness.
Service rating : can't sleep without it

Product : amazing
Great products and excellent service
Service rating : Fast delivery

Product : Excellent product
Service rating : Very good

Product : Best pillow on the market
Service rating : Excellent customer service

Product : Great service
Service rating : I used this company twice now to purchase my pillows and in both instances I have found them to be very resourceful. Their customer service is of a high level. I always feel comfortable ordering my pillows from them.

Product : I suffer from neck and shoulder problems and it is always a nice relief when I can lay on this pillow. It provides a lot of comfort and support where I need it most. I have now been using this pillow for 2 years and this one was a replacement as my other one was starting to lose its comfort.
Service rating : 'fast delivery

Product : brilliant product im now waking up with no neck pain
Service rating : I ordered the pillows at 11am on a Sunday. They were delivered 24 hours later. Fantastic.

Product : I love this pillow and so does my neck.
Service rating : very fast receipt of goods

Product : very impressed
Service rating : Very prompt delivery. I ordered the product on Sunday and received it on Wednesday

Product : Product was as described and quite happy with it. It did have a strong smell (of foam / rubber) and needed to be aired before use, otherwise all was good.
Service rating : Very good

Product : Very good
Service rating : Very quick delivery.

Product : I haven't given up on it entirely yet but I am finding it a bit hard. I have taken out the inserts and I'm happier with the lower height but still not as soft as I'd hoped.
Service rating : Fine

Product : Pillow is great, just the foam smell was a little offputting, but used 2 covers.
Easy to use online ordering with lots of information on each product.
Service rating : I certanily would give Therapeutic Pillow Australia a10 out of 10. The whole process was made very easy and my pillow was delivered to my door within 24 hours. I will definatley be purchasing through them again.

Product : I just love my Sleeprr Original- Memory Foam pillow. It has given me back a great night sleep and assisted in helping with my neck and jaw pain. I know look forward to bed time.
Service rating : products great but delivery took 3 days and we are in same state

Product : surprisingly comfortable and soft
Service rating : Ordered on a Saturday, received 9 days later. Was getting concerned.

Product : Love the pillow and the ability to change it
Service rating : Fantastic, thank you

Product : Fantastic , thank you !
Service rating : very efficient service, received pillow a fw days after ordering

Product : it took a few nights to get used to pillow but am now finding it very comfortable
Service rating : Amazing, ordered on Monday delivered here in the UK on the Friday cant top that!5 days!!

Product : My wife has been using a previous pillow from this company for 8 years & it needed replacing so she has not used this one yet but it looks fine
quick delivery
Service rating : Excellent service, my pillows were dispatched the same day as ordered and received the following day.

Product : Love this pillow and the fact that it can be adjusted. I like soft pillows and this one is super soft and comfortable but supports my neck perfectly as side sleeper.
Service rating : Very quick service

Product : My son loves it
Service rating : Fast delivery. Easy process to buy product.

Product : Love it!
Service rating : Vary quick delivery after order

Product : Didn't really know what to expect but it is comfortable
Arrived within 48 hrs - well done
Service rating : Fast easy service.

Product : I love the softness of the Original Memory Foam Sleeper, however I seem to sleep better on the next one up which my husband uses? Interesting? Still, i do prefer this pillow to original pillows now.
Service rating : Extremely fast service.

Product : These are our second lot of pillows. We find them very comfortable.
Service rating : Fast, no fuss service.

Product : Eased my neck pain from the very first night of use.
Service rating : fast delivery

Product : best sleep in years
Service rating : I was incredibly impressed with both the recommendations made by staff when I called to enquire which product would suit me best. As well as how quickly all the pillows arrived.

Product : Very happy with this pillow. Although it adjusts in many different ways, i'm happy with it as it is on the smallest setting. Not the pillow that I was going to buy and am so happy that it was recommended to me. Really love the softness of the memory foam.
Service rating : Fast delivery, well packaged

Product : Very comfortable
Service rating : Easy to deal with and super prompt service.

Product : I like the pillow after 4 nights of use. As a side sleeper it has been good for my neck.
Service rating : have used these pillows before and am just replacing an old one.

Product : love the memory foam pillow for neck comfort
Service rating : Quick response, appears to be great company.

Product : This is by far the best pillow I've ever used. Regards 'fussy sleeper'
This is my second one and I wouldn't use anything else
Service rating : Perfect for me and very comfortable.

Product : The pillow is comfortable and perfectly adjusted. It does what you say it will do and it has helped my neck and given me a good night's sleep.
Service rating : Super fast postage.

Product : Great for my neck- love that it is adjustable
Service rating : Informed at every step of the purchase & delivery. Quick & simple.

Product : Recommended by another customer. Very comfortable. Great product.
Service rating : I was kept up to date with the order progress, and the order arrived very quickly.

Product : I was actually surprised regarding the density of the foam in this pillow (denser than I expected). Ideally, perhaps clearer photos or even a video of how the foam reacts to pressure would give a better idea of the type of foam. I realise that's one of the downsides of not being able to feel a pillow before purchasing.
Service rating : Fantastic Pillow. Delivery was extremely fast

Product : Very comfortable pillow. My neck pain has improved
Service rating : Quick delivery easy to order

Product : Everything was very quick and easy ... No fuss
Service rating : Many other companies could learn from Therapeutic Pillow. Efficient, accurate and prompt.

Product : Exactly as described
Received all pillows promptly
Service rating : delivered efficiently
thank you

Product : unfortunately I purchased the wrong strength pillow for my partner, he said it is good but prefers mine more as it is thicker foam
Service rating : Very prompt delivery. Good brochure as well, useful explanation of how to adapt the pillow to my requirements.

Product : Still getting used to it. Very comfortable, but hasn't stopped my snoring, despite several different combinations.
Service rating : Excellent. This arrived the day after it was ordered, and was much appreciated.

Product : I think I love it, but it's taking me a while to get used to this pillow. However, I am waking up with far less neck soreness, and it is thus worth persevering with the different feel of the pillow.
Service rating : First class service, the pillow arrived within 24 hours.

Product : From the very first night I used the pillow my quality of sleep improved,I had no neck pain for the first time in years.I would not go anywhere without it now!!!
Service rating : Pillow was delivered promptly, no problems.

Product : Great for neck support. Extremely comfortable.
Service rating : its a good pillow

Product : was delivered in a timely fashion
Service rating : Great service!

Product : Lovely, thank you! I have already told another about how great it is :)
Service rating : Clear and easy order form.

Product : I have tried a few contour and latex pillows and this pillow is perfect for me.
Service rating : easy to order, fast delivery

Product : This is our 3rd lot of Therapeutic Pillows, very happy with the quality, thank you!
Service rating : Prompt service, easy to use website

Product : Great pillow, plenty of support without being too firm.
Service rating : These are fantastic pillows our whole family have these, great for neck posture and so comfortable, we have purchased three and looks like we will be buying one for our 90 year old mother who has just had a major neck operation to help her as her current pillow is too soft and neck posture is not good. She has just has an operation for compression on her spine from her neck and I believe this pillow will help her recovery, would you like to send her one to try!!! Im sure she will give you great feedback

Product : Absolutely the best pillow I have ever had
Service rating : Quick delivery!

Product : So comfortable and has provided much needed relief for my ongoing neck problems.
Service rating : Service was amazing, easy to order and delivery to the bottom of the South Island in New Zealand in 3 days!!! Maybe you guys could give NZ Post a few ideas....

Product : Pillow is fantastic excellent on my neck and really helps with a much better sleep, highly recommend this product.
Service rating : great service!

Product : Im still undecided about this pillow, while it is comfortable, in some positions its hard to get to sleep.
Service rating : Extremely fast in post

Product : Helps.
Service rating : The company itself was very helpful but the transport company they were using is pathetic. It took 5 days to get the pillow across town after pick up and even after repeated calls to Fastway by myself and the lady representing Therapeutic Pillows who was trying to do her best to get me the pillow was getting the same results. Eventually before we had finished she offered to personally bring me a pillow but I said no let us make the transport company do what they are supposedly paid for. She said to me that there would be some high level talks to this company about it's service. This and only this is why the rating is poor.

Product : The product is good my neck no longer gives me as much pain as it use to but the pillow does not fit a standard pillow case and therefore it bunched up and makes the pillow higher and I feel as though I would get greater benefit if the pillow was able to spread out a bit further
Service rating : Great pillow

Product : Great pillow
Service rating : I received my order promptly.

Product : I have been using this brand for years due to a neck injury which caused headaches. My everyday quality of life is much better due to a great reduction in neck pain related headaches and better quality sleep. I take my pillow whenever I go away.
Service rating : Great

Product : Great
Service rating : Contact and communications were great, shipping was fast and products arrived more than safely.

Product : Best pillow I've ever owned. Period. Most comfortable sleep of my life!
Service rating : Fast delivery and easy to deal with

Product : Excellent pillow. Best pillow ever!!
Service rating : Very prompt service to nz.

Product : Just have to say this is the best pillow ever. Best memory foam pillow, true to product description. Have had one for 10 years and loved it. New now just as good and my daughter has my old one and she loves it too. Both of us suffer from painful necks and our neck problems have virtually resolved using these pillows. Try to take them everywhere we go as they are very easy to transport. Have recommended them many times.
I need to say I have wasted many dollars trying to find the right pillow and the written promises are totally inaccurate. These really are the best and certainly value for money. To the public my advice is don't look for cheaper options, you will unlikely be satisfied. Thank you
Service rating : Fast shipping

Product : Excellent product
Service rating : Prompt service with e-mail updates.

Product : Love the pillow. Had to leave it behind when I went away recently - most upsetting".
Service rating : Loved it

Product : Really great product
Service rating : Excellent

Product : So comfy, getting a great night sleep
The pillow is great but it really stunk on arrival. Days of airing it on the clothes line helped but not entirely. Myself and my clothes stink like it in the mornings. I know it is slowly fading so I'm not too worried, but pervious pillows we have bought from you didn't smell like this
Very good
Service rating : Received my pillow in three days of placing the order.

Product : Absolutely love my pillow.
Service rating : Thanks

Product : Thanks want two more
Service rating : cant beat next day delivery

Product : I had one before but for some reason it went mouldy so i had to buy a new one...great product
Service rating : The service was excellent and the pillow and pillow slip arrived very quickly.

Product : I have had a pillow similar to this before and ended up giving it away because I couldn't sleep on it, and it was uncomfortable. I was concerned the same would happen with this pillow, but I have been able to adjust it to my body requirements, and have had no problem sleeping at all. My neck soreness has also improved, and I have been sleeping better on my new pillow.
Service rating : Product arrived more quickly than expected.

Product : Very comfortable. Seems to be good quality.
Its great
Service rating : I live in France and my pillow arrived in just 5 days, excellent service and well presented web site.

Product : Just fantastic, haven't slept so well for years and my neck problems now seem to be under control, it is great to be able to adjust the pillow to suit my body
Service rating : Fast delivery

Product : Great because you can adjust it to suit your needs which is great having experienced whiplash and having trouble finding the right pillow :-)
Service rating : great service

Product : "Thank you so much for your prompt reply and the information contained therein. I was wrapt to see we had someone in Whittlesea. I have today been and purchased one of the pillows for my husband.
Again, many thanks."
Service rating : very pleased

Product : I am a very small framed woman and this pillow seems a little high for me. I would suggest something a little lower. Although it was nice and soft I think i'm going to opt for the latex pillow in the low size.
Service rating : excellent in every way

Product : I just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your help after i messed up my order. You were a pleasure to deal with even though i ordered the wrong product initially. Very happy with my original pillow now i have finally received it. Thanks.
Service rating : very happy

Product : Have bought my fourth complete sleeper memory original. First one was taken by my husband and next two were taken by my kids. All sleeping well as i hope to be tonight.
Service rating : very good

Product : My chiropractor recommended a Complete Sleeprrr Memory Plus to me and very happy he did. Good pillow at the right price.
Service rating : great

Product : Great service. Talked to Brett and Karen online, then on the phone. Helped with all my questions and gave helpful feedback. Not pushy at all. Once again a pleasure to deal with
Service rating : very good

Product : I never thought what pillow you used mattered too much, was I ever wrong. This pillow is the most comfortable pillow I have ever slept on.
As Above
Service rating : great

Product : All pillows are the same I thought. Was I ever wrong. I can't believe I was struggling so much with pain while sleeping when I didn't have to. I can't recommend this enough. Just try it and you won't know how you ever slept without it.
Service rating : great

Product : "Dear Brett,
Thank you for all your wonderful help on line. What I will do is order a pillow first and see how it goes. I think your customer service on line has been fantastic so I will recommend your site to others!
Have a lovely rest of the week and enjoy the weekend ahead.
Service rating : great, very happy

Product : I am a very small framed woman and this pillow seems a little high for me. I would suggest something a little lower. Although it was nice and soft I think i'm going to opt for the latex pillow in the low size.
Service rating : very happy indeed

Product : "Dear Brett,
Thank you for all your wonderful help on line. What I will do is order a pillow first and see how it goes. I think your customer service on line has been fantastic so I will recommend your site to others!
Have a lovely rest of the week and enjoy the weekend ahead.
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What is the difference between this and the Complete Sleeprrr Traditional?Thanks?

Q. What is the difference between this and the Complete Sleeprrr Traditional?Thanks?

A. HI Matilda,

The difference between the two is that the complete sleeprrr original pillow is a visco elastic foam or more commonly referred to as memory foam. The characteristics of this is the foam will mould to the shape of your head and neck and has a very accomodatiing feel. The foam slowly reverts back to its natural shape when weight is removed. The complete sleeprr tradition is a foam with more rigid structure and will provide great support but will not mould to the shape of your head and neck in the same way. It will feel a little firmer. Please let us know if you have any further questions we can help with.


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