Back & Lumbar Supports

A few of the most popular types of back and lumbar support pillows include: 

  • Contoured back support pillows. These help to provide full back support and maintain the natural curvature of the spine. They also promote better posture and provide stress relief. 
  • Magnetic back support pillows. These pillows are designed specifically for people with spinal pain due to illness or disability. The pillows are lightweight and adjustable and can be used anywhere. 

Lower Your Back Pain With the Right Support 

Our back and lumbar seating supports are the perfect solutions if sitting causes you discomfort or stiffness. Instead of relying on medications to dull your pain, you can soothe and prevent lower back pain with simple contoured pillows. Our pillows are also perfect for travelling, as they can be easily placed and removed so that you are ready to sit in just seconds. 

Let Us Help 

A life with less back pain is possible. If you would like to learn more about our back support pillow options, contact us at (03) 8585-6685 and let us help you select the right pillow for your needs. 

Therapeutic Pillow received a 97% Positive service rating by Feefo in 2016

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