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Australian made comfort body pillow specially designed to comfort & support mothers during pregnancy, and long after baby is born.

Australian made comfort body pillow specially designed to comfort & support mothers during pregnancy, and long after baby is born. The flexible design means that the perfect position can be achieved to relieve individual aches and pain. No need for multiple pillows! Suits all body sizes and shapes.

Unique design allows you infinite comfort options to cushion and cradle your body’s load areas such as the abdomen and upper body, with the added benefit of aligning the hips and therefore promoting better posture.  And for post natal use CuddleUp™ provides a superb feeding platform to ease tension to the back.

The flexible design means that the perfect position can be achieved to relieve aches and pain.

  • No need for multiple pillows!Suits all body sizes and shapes.
  • The perfect Pregnancy Body Pillow.
  • During Pregnancy, the Cuddle Up Body Pillow will cradle your body, providing support while you relax and sleep, giving you hours of comfort and restorative sleep.
  • Stops restless tossing and turningFor rest or sleep - both the abdomen and back are cushioned and supported.
  • Maintains comfortable side position recommended for the health of mother & baby.
  • Correct spinal alignment to ease backache.
  • Elevates extremities to reduce swelling.
  • Shape and position can be adjusted as pregnancy progresses.
  • Flexible design suits all body sizes and shapes.Eliminates need for multiple pillows.

The perfect body pillow for New Mothers

  • Designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe.
  • Perfect for sleeping, relaxing and feeding baby.
  • Makes feeding relaxing for you & baby – a key factor in milk supply
  • Rest arms & elbows on top of the pillow
  • Supports baby's weight as you hold and feed to reduce back, neck & shoulder strain
  • Supports lower backElevates baby's head, allowing air taken with milk to rise
  • Secure wrap-around shape … Fits any size

Mould the Cuddle Up body pillow to the desired shape to:

  • Relieves painful pressure points
  • Reduce restless tossing and turning
  • Elevate shoulders, arms, legs, feet to reduce swelling
  • Ergonomically supports your spine, joints and muscles
  • Also an excellent seating cushion when rolled up. 
  • Helps alleviate pressure to tender parts particulary for post natal and general post-op use.
  • Also great for just relaxing as well as elevating the shoulders and head to help with reflux and breathing issues.  
  • High quality washable soft polycotton custom fitted Ivory colour slip included.

Whether you’re relaxing on your back or side, comfort is the key.

  • Also an excellent seating cushion when rolled up. 
  • Helps alleviate pressure to tender parts particulary for post natel and general post-op use. 
  • Also great for just relaxing as well as elevating the shoulders and head to help with reflux and breathing issues.

Great For Kids & Teens. Your children will love this body pillow too, it's great on the floor for the kids when doing homework, or watching tv.

  • Give your teenagers a good night’s rest.
  • Ward off night time tossing and turning - make sleep easier with this Sleeping 'partner'.
  • Cuddle Up can provide emotional comfort with its full body support. 
  • Encourage reading & studying Comfort in any position. Support while they read in bed, on the couch or on the floor  
  • Patented 'twin tail' design means you can roll over during the night and easily tuck the opposite tail between your thighs to cushion and align the hips.
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Service rating : Staff are very helpful - i had a problem with the payment abd ended up paying twice for the pillow but they reimbursed me the second payment before i even realise it!

Product : Both myself who is 34 week pregnant and my husband loves it!!
Service rating : Received within two days

Product : A must have for pregnancy. Sleeping so much better.
Service rating : Great service and I received my item in two days!

Product : Item is great
Service rating : Good

Product : Fantastic pillow extremely comfortable and supportive during pregnancy.
Service rating : Prompt service. Uses reasonably good courier company to deliver goods.

Product : Pillow very comfortable and certainly helps in pregnancy including pelvic pain. But pillow slip could fit much better particularly at the top of the 'use' shape where it cuts the corner and thus cuts into your shoulder when trying to hug the pillow properly. Also pillow slip very scratchy. Has taken a while to break in.
Service rating : Reliable and quick delivery

Product : Finally a comfortable sleep
Service rating : easy to use

Product : I bought this pillow for my son who has cerebral palsy he loves the support it gives his legs and back
Service rating : Service was Excellent!! Fast Delivery and also an Australian Company....

Product : Love my pillow... definitely help me get comfortable to sleep while pregnant!
Service rating : Very very fast shipping!

Product : Very comfy. But very big. In a queen size bed my husband has no room because of me and my pillow.
Service rating : Product was delivered promptly, service was good.

Product : LOVE the comfort of the pillow, HATE that the pillow slip/cover is a cream colour as it's easy to get dirty and actually getting the pillow slip/cover on was a logistical nightmare. But once it was done, totally comfortable, love it.
Service rating : Quick delivery was great.

Product : Pillow is great.
Service rating : The communication and quick delivery was outstanding.

Product : Love the product
Service rating : Appears in clean and good condition. Quick turnaround time.

Product : Comfortable and lightweight and can be manipulated into various positions.
Service rating : I called ahead of placing my order on line. The staff were prompt, professional and most helpful.

Product : I like the fact that the pillow-fillings does not fall flat after some time and can be machine washed. A fantastic product
I really like them, in fact I'm buying two more. :)
Service rating : The website provided the information I needed to choose the right pillow for my needs, and the pillow arrived very promptly, despite it being mid December, everyone's crazy busy time of year.

Product : I am obese, not pregnant, but I still adore my body pillow. I look forward to going to bed now, and wake up feeling refreshed after being cradled in my pillow, which stops me rolling onto my back and snoring.
Service rating : Excellent!

Product : This is the 2nd time I bought pillows from you guys. So far it's been really great!
Service rating : Service was excellent and delivery very good

Product : A gift to a young pregnant friend and she loves it
Service rating : Quick delivery and great product

Product : Quick delivery and great product
Service rating : A pleasure to deal with. Fast delivery.

Product : As always, the products are first class and exactly as described.
Service rating : Very comfy

Product : Great product- would be great if you had differ cover options eg. Colours and patterns.
Great pillow, my son loves it. Delivery was sooo quick! I've bought pillows from you guys before, great pillows! Thanks
Service rating : Easy transaction. Fast delivery!

Product : This pillow is amazing!!!
Service rating : It is comfortable

Product : Provides support for my growing tummy
Service rating : Very prompt order processing and delivery

Product : High quality product that is as described on the website
Service rating : Fast delivery and well packed

Product : Extremely comfortable. This is not just a "pregnancy" pillow; it is wonderful for people with hip tendon problems.
Service rating : The pillow arrived promptly after ordering it on-line. I was very happy with the service.

Product : It has taken me a couple of nights to get used to the pillow, but I am now obsessed. It has really helped me to get a good nights sleep in the last weeks of pregnancy. I am also using the small wedge pillow which provides some additional support under the tummy. My husband thinks its hilarious but at this stage of the pregnancy, its all about what works!
Service rating : Quick delivery

Product : I have only had the Cuddleup pillow for 2 days & already I am getting a much better sleep. I am 28 weeks pregnant & normally tossing & turning during the night, & also frequently getting up for the toilet. The last 2 nights I have slept mostly through the night only woken up once for the toilet and tossed & turn once or twice.
Service rating : Arrived quickly.

Product : I am 6 months pregnant and suffer with spondilythesis which is beginning to become quite unbearable. This pillow is fantastic as it supports me from the back and between the knees without using a dozen pillows. I've been sleeping amazingly well as a result.
Service rating : Easy to deal with and quick postage.

Product : fantastic pillow, my wife has had her best sleep during her pregnancy last night!!
Service rating : Everything as described. Packaging fine if buying for yourself. If it was for a gift the packaging might have been more presentable

Product : Pillow is great and as described
Service rating : Easy + fast delievery

Product : The Mrs loves it!!!
Service rating : Service very prompt excellent

Product : Product as discriebed very good
Service rating : Quick and well packed

Product : As described, good quality
Service rating : Fast postage to a regional country town.

Product : I brought this for my wife, she is not preganant but has back and shoulder problems which make it hard for her to sleep comfortably. She used it last night and woke up in the same position she went to sleep in, no thrashing around all night. She said it was comfy, but was disappointed that to buy a spare pillow case was so dear. Great product tho,
Good Product!!
Service rating : Excellent service, came in good amount of time, perfect condition.

Product : The CuddleUp body pillow has saved my sleep and helped my bask so much. Some may feel it is a bit pricey but once your back pain goes and you can sleep through the night again it is worth every dollar. I put the pillow opposite to the picture so have the U curved bit between my legs so I can still use my own pillow under my head. My other pregnancy friends have brought them too and love them. It is also great for cuddling up with your hubby and have the pillow around both of you. My hubby borrows it all the time when I am not using it, think I will have to get him one. Definitely get one a must for comfortable pregnancy sleeping.
Service rating : Order was send fairly quick

Product : So far the pillow is great
Service rating : Ordering and delivery was quick and easy - had my pillow in a few days.

Product : Great pillow - so comfy! Couldn't sleep without it. Great value too. Very happy.
Fantastic product! Super comfortable. I take it with me everywhere!!!
Service rating : no issues

Product : pillow starting to get a bit soft from use. where do i get new refills to make pillow thicker again?
Service rating : No problem

Product : Fantastic, very comfortable
Service rating : Prompt delivery

Product : Product in good condition
Service rating : Quick delivery

Product : Very comfortable and got me through pregnancy
Service rating : prompt delivery

Product : excellent pillow shape. pillow case didn't fit well at inner aspect of top curve
Service rating : Very good pillows just hard to use 2 at once in a double bed other than that most excellent.

Product : As above.
Service rating : good

Product : I cannot think of a better gift for every pregnant woman you know.
Service rating : great

Product : I bought this for my pregnant wife but everyone in the house is fighting over it.
Service rating : great service and delivery

Product : The body pillows can be a bit pricey but I bought this anyway because I was really having problems getting comfortable at night. After a few nights I found this pillow is worth it, especially when you consider you use it for hours everyday.
Service rating : good

Product : Great preggo pillow, money well spent.
Service rating : good service

Product : My body pillow is very good quality. Very comfortable and it has helped my back pain more than I expected.
Service rating : Very easy to use website and fast delivery.

Product : I love my pregnancy pillow. I couldn't live without it!
Service rating : Very good.

Product : I love it!
Service rating : Fast delivery, good customer service!!

Product : Firm and supportive!
Service rating : The service was great, the pillow was delivered very quickly.

Product : It has been a god-send I'm now sleeping a lot better and my partner isn't getting woken by me either.
Done online, so all went smoothly
Service rating : Excellent service and fast delivery.

Product : Very good product, no more shoulder and neck pain, this pillow really works.
Service rating : All is food

Product : Good qualities of products
Is great fast postage up to queensland love it thanks
Service rating : Very prompt service, and nice to door delivery. Also, the jelly beans and travel mug were a nice suprise!

Product : Very good. No issues!
Service rating : Website was easy to use and product was delivered quickly.

Product : The pillow is brilliant for pregnancy and offers good support.
Service rating : Fast service, great items

Product : This is honestly the most amazing pillow I have ever got to use. I have used it the last 2 months & I will recommend it to any pregnant women. It has helped me with sleep & its been the best thing I have bought to make me comfortable through the whole pregnancy.
Service rating : The pillow itself is great. The size is too big for two in our king size bed. Maybe one thin side and one normal would enable two in one bed.

Product : Colour options poor. Zip across the back is awful as I sleep with my arm under the top part and its terribly uncomfortable.
Service rating : Arrived very quickly

Product : . Very comfortable.
I am pregnant with twins and it's helped ,me so much throughout my pregnancy
Service rating : I was truly impressed by the extra effort put into service. Not only was the product excellent but it was shipped with a free thermos and a bag of jelly beans! A welcome surprise!

Product : As a pregnant mum with severe pelvic instability, this pillow saved my sleep single handedly! It conforms well, was filled sufficiently and came with a washable cover slip. Highly recommend it to anyone! It was the best investment I've made!
I would like have more choice in colours of pillowcases and they would need to be pure cotton - otherwise the pillow was great after my recent shoulder surgery
Service rating : I love it, it is the best thing I have ever brought it is so comfortable.

Product : I would recommend this pillow to any pregnant person, I love it I couldn't sleep without it.
Service rating : Quick delivery

Product : The pillow was a gift, my sister reports it is excellent, provides fantastic support for her back & sacroiliitis and she can now manage a decent sleep!
Service rating : Easy to order, quick to arrive and well packaged. Nice free gift!

Product : I love this pillow. I don't think I'd go back to sleeping with a normal pillownow. Only wished it came with an extra pillow slip!
Service rating : Everything was nice and easy. There were no issues from the moment i ordered the product to when i received it. The product was delivered within two days and the product was exactly as the website described.

Product : I bought this at about 3 months pregnant as i was getting tired of using 4 different pillows. This was the best money i have spent by far. The cuddle pillow makes it easy to turn from side to side and have the support between the thighs, under the belly and on my back. It does take quite a bit of room but the good night's sleep i get is so worthwhile. My husband jokingly refers to it as my 'force field' and sometimes begs to let him enter. I am really happy with this product and recommend it for anyone needing that support during pregnancy. An added bonus has been some extra warmth during these winter months.
Service rating : Fantastic

Product : It's needs to be a tad bigger, I have found it cuts into my shoulder, the fabric is great!
ask a question
Hi Thomas, The product should definiteyl be big enough as normally you maintain slightly bent knees when using it . Have never had negative feedback about the product being too short so would be pretty confident it will be ok for your wife. Warm regards, Brett.
Hi Rochelle, Please give us a call on 03 8585 6685 and we will organise for it to be expedited to you or picked up from somewhere close by to you. Warm regards, Brett Parnham.

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