Banana Pillow - 'U' Shaped Body Pillow

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TGA Listed Yes
Aust. Register of Therapeutic Goods No.174455 Device:Pillow
Filling Polyester polyfill
Size Download assembly flyer below to view sizing.
Inner cover Polypropylene
Outer Cover Polycotton
Manufactured Australian Made


Banana Pillow 'U' Shaped Relaxation & Reading Body Pillow - Dynamic use body pillow for pregnant mothers-to-be and for sitting up in bed, relaxing, and reading

The Banana Body Pillow has two long cushioning arms that give you support when you are sitting up or lying down relaxing in bed, or for simply when you need a little extra padding whilst sitting in your favourite chair. Kids love using the Banana body pillow when relaxing on the floor doing homework as it provides support in all the right places.

Perfect for all uses - Use in bed as a back support pillow for watching tv or reading. Also great to use between legs when pregnant. You will love this multi-use body pillow as it provides many different options for comfort and support.

Australian Made & Owned

Our Banana Pillow is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

Super comfortable & supportive poly fibre pillow supports your body in bed

Naturally shaped contour to support head and neck. Shaped to give you perfect support while sitting or relaxing in bed. 100% polyester fibre filling gives you the option to adjust the amount of full in the Banana Body Pillow.

Very ergonomic, our Banana Body Pillow by design has two long outstretched arms for support to sit up in bed or for for example when support is needed between the legs whilst pregnant. Blissfully comfortable and always there when you need it. You'll love our U-Shaped Banana Body Pillow.

Support your body in all the right places - During pregnancy you can put the 'U' shaped Banana Body Pillow behind your lower back to relieve back ache & give added support to your frame

After birth the Banana Body Pillow can be used to help support you and your baby in an ideal feeding position. The Banana Body Pillow is a versatile Pregnancy Pillow designed to provide relief during pregnancy and beyond for your legs, tummy and back at the same time, eliminating the need to sleep with numerous pillows.

The ergonomic U shape is perfect allowing easy change of sleeping positions as well as elevation to relieve heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy. The Banana U Shaped Body Pillow for Maternity Support & Comfort.

A must have Maternity Pillow for Pregnancy, especially during the second & third trimesters. The Banana is quite simply, the ultimate Pregnancy Pillow! Difficulty sleeping is a common for expecting mothers Because of back pain and the general discomfort of a big tummy. Put an end to restless nights with our Banana pillow.

The filling of this U Shaped pillow conforms to the shape of your body providing comfort and support in any sleeping position.This versatile body pillow can also be use to elevate your upper body to relieve heartburn and indigestion during pregnancy.

Also great to use between your legs to stop spinal twisting. Mothers-to-be will love the Banana Body Pillow. 

The perfect support pillow for new mothers

You can place it on your lap to help support your baby in an ideal feeding position. If you're a new mother you will love the Banana Body Pillow. For Relaxing the Banana U shaped Pillow gives you comfort and support while you rest and relax. The filling of The Banana U Shaped Body Pillow conforms to your shape, in any position, whether lying down or sitting up.

Shaped to give you perfect support whilst sitting, this U-pillow will make itself indispensable. With two arms to give you support you can sit up in bed with ease and in soft comfort. The Banana Body Pillow can give you a little extra padding in your favourite chair. Blissfully comfortable and always there when you need it.

Pillow covers are also available in a range of different colours. They are made from a fabric combining the soft feel of cotton with a fine polyester mix for easy care and long lasting durability. If you love to relax you will love the Banana Body Pillow.

The U-Shaped Pillow is perfect for the side sleeper - Side sleepers will love its supportive and comfortable design

  • Perfect for side sleepers.
  • Provides supports your head and neck.
  • Provides correct spinal alignment.
  • Provides full support for your upper body.
  • Replaces 2 Standard Pillows.

The 'U' Shaped Body Pillow allows the sleeper to keep their head in perfect alignment with the spine, while the u-shaped arms give support across your chest and comfort for your arms and shoulders. Most standard pillows don't provide the proper support that a side sleeper needs for a deep and restful sleep.

The V-Shaped Side Sleeper Pillow's unique V-shape provides room for your shoulder while the pillow cushions your head and keeps your spine properly aligned. It won't leave you with a stiff in your neck upon waking like regular pillows. If you are a side sleeper you will love the Banana Body Pillow 

The best body pillow for kids on the floor, providing support in all the right places

Kids can use the pillow on the floor for doing homework, relaxing, or watching TV. Children & teenagers will love the Banana Body Pillow, as it provides many different comfort options.

Banana body pillow comes in 2 sizes, Medium & Large - Arms of large size are 12cm longer and 4cm wider than medium size

The Banana Body Pillow has many uses

  • Use as a pregnancy support pillow for pre natal and post natal women.
  • Use in bed for sitting up and reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing.Perfect to use between your legs.
  • Use on the floor as a floor pillow.
  • Kids can use the pillow on the floor for doing homework, relaxing, or watching TV.

Care Instructions

Inner Cover: Remove filling. Wash in warm water using mild detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Line dry.

Filling: Do not wash.


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Banana Pillow - 'U' Shaped Body Pillow

Rating 4.7 based on 16 reviews

5 out of 5
Service rating : Very quick service.

Product : Love my banana pillow Thankyou!

5 out of 5
Service rating : So comfy and arrived really quickly!

Product : Getting the best sleep now! I love this pillow

4 out of 5
Service rating : Excellent customer service and speedy delivery time, would definitely personally purchase again and confidently recommend to family and friends.

Product : Felt pillow was a little too firm for me but was able to remove some of the filling

5 out of 5
The service could not have been better. When I made a mistake with the delivery address, the concern of the staff was amazing. Although the issue was totally my fault, they kept in touch until it was resolved, although there was absolutely no obligation for them to do so. Dealing with this company was a wonderful experience.

4 out of 5
Service rating : They kept me up to date with dispatchand date of arrival.

Product : It is very comfortable

5 out of 5


4 out of 5
Service rating : good

Product : good

5 out of 5
Service rating : No problem with service; all done online and very easy ...

Product : Although it is higher than I thought but I'm assuming this will wear down with use

5 out of 5
Service rating : Very efficient - website rrors were fixed very quickly and once my order went through the products were dispatched very quickly.

Product : Awesome.

4 out of 5
Service rating : Good online experience

Product : I made a mistake not buying a slip - otherwise it would be excellent

5 out of 5
Service rating : Fantastic service

Product : My husband teases me that the Banana body pillow is my boyfriend because I snuggle up with it when I sleep, read and watch tv. Ha! I can't help it, it's just so cozy.

5 out of 5
Service rating : very good, verry happy

Product : This v shaped pillow lets me "hug" it while providing support between my legs to align my body better. No more trying to shift and smush regular pillows trying to get comfortable.

4 out of 5
Service rating : service was good

Product : I used this body pillow throughout my pregnancy and even afterward I loved sleeping with it or using it for extra support when nursing. I have purchased this for several friends as gifts, it's great.

5 out of 5
Service rating : Great service

Product : This body pillow has been a lifesaver during my pregnancy. I was finally able to sleep comfortably.

5 out of 5
Service rating : Supplied quickly

Product : Pillow was a gift for my pregnant daughter and she loves it

5 out of 5
Service rating : Thanks for the quick delivery of the pillows. All my family members love their new pillow.
Thanks once again

Product : Thanks for this lovely pillow.
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