Chillow - Cooling Pillow Pad

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Size 52cm long by 34.5 wide, and 2cm deep


Chillow Pillow - Designed to cool your pillow

The chillow gives you a superb nights sleep by providing a both comfortable and cooling surface for you to rest your head.

This amazing cooling product maintains a temperature below both body temperature and room termperature by simply using the evaporative powers of water.

"Keeping you cool while you rest & Chill with the Chillow Pillow!"

Thera-med is proud to introduce the Chillow - a revolutionary 'cooling' product designed to be used in conjunction with your therapeutic pillow.

The Chillow is designed to give you a superb nights sleep by providing a both comfortable and cooling surface for you to rest your head. From now on there will be no need for turning your pillow over to search for the cool spot!!!

This amazing cooling product maintains a temperature below both body temperature and room termperature by simply using the evaporative powers of water. No electricity or any other power sources are required and best of all it is able to be reused again and again and again. The Chillow is therefore the most environmentally friendly and effective cooling product in the market place.

The Chillow pillow is cool but not too cold. Gel and ice packs tend to be a too cold and cause headaches and are not comfortable. The Chillow is cool, comfortable and can be put in the fridge to cool down further if required.

The Chillow is a dry product so it does not get wet or damp. We want you in the cool spot not the wet spot!

Containing memory foam the chillow is soft and comfortable both to touch and more importantly on your face.

Some features of the Chillow 'Cooling Pillow':

  • Medical grade construction to provide upmost quality and durability
  • Suede cover backing to provide non slip surface for use with pillow, cushion or mattress.
  • The Chillow is vacuum sealed to keep the patented core at its coolest temperature while keeping the warm air out.
  • The soft and therapeutic surface is allergy free and easy to keep clean.
  • Once only activation will mean that once you have filled the Chillow - you do not have to worry about activating it again!

Chillow is not a pillow and is a cooling pad

Please note the Chillow is not a pillow and is just a cooling pad.
It should be used in conjunction with your normal pillow preferably a Therapeutic contour pillow.

How to use the Chillow Pillow

The Chillow is activated simply by filling it with water!! Fill with approximately 2 litres of water, push out air and then tighten cap. Then simply let the Chillow rest for 4 hours to allow time for evaporation process to work. It is then ready to use. Could it get any easier?

Who needs a Chillow Pillow?

Headache sufferers - Approximately 20% of the general population suffering headaches on either an ongoing or semi frequent basis. The Chillow with its large cool, dry and comfortable surface has been the answer to many headache and migraine sufferers. Help rest easier without the throbbing headaches and painful migraines with Chillow cooling pillow.


Flu and Fever sufferers - The Chillow is a great way to help to get the body temperature down. The more effective the body is in reducing core temperature, the more restful the sleep and the more quickly the body can recover. The quicker you can get over a cold the better.


Those experiencing menopause - With 80% of all women suffering from hotflushes during menopause the Chillow is a fantastic natural way to help keep cool while both sleeping and whenever hot flushes set in. With the negative research associated with HRT the chillow provides soothing, non-drug relief.


Those putting up with hot flushes - Nobody really knows what exactly causes hot flushes but it seems to be a problem regulating internal and external heat control. People start to sweat at lower room temperatures than those who don't have hot flushes and some shiver at higher temperatures. The Chillow has proven to be an effective product in reducing and relieving hot flushes.


Those suffering sunburn or back pain - The Chillow is proven to be a fantastic treatment for everyday ailments. Ice packs and gel packs can be hard, cold, wet and lumpy. The chillow is a cool, comfortable and effective solution that stays cool at room temperature and can be refrigerated to stay extra cool for a longer period. Use in conjunction with a countour or memory foam pillow to really provide your back with the best support possible.


Anyone struggling to sleep The amount of those suffering sleep related problems around the world is staggering. With over 2 million people in Australia having sleep apnoea, sleeping issues, insomnia or simply not resting well there has been drastic need for a natural product to help them. The Chillow will help to relax you during the night right from the moment that you lie down. The cooling and soothing effect of the Chillow has been seen to slow down physiological aspects of the body and could be said to have a somewhat tranquillising effect. A recent study found that test 68% of subjects fell asleep more quickly using a chillow that without. Used in conjunction with a therapeutic or contour pillow you will be amazed at how much better you feel.

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