Complete Sleeprrr Gel Infused Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow


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Complete Sleeprrr Gel Infused Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

  • 5 out of 5 03/01/2017

    Service rating : Good

    Product : Excellent

  • 5 out of 5 26/12/2016

    A great product for people with neck problem..

  • 5 out of 5 20/12/2016

    Service rating : Great customer service. Very helpful. Excellent product range. I've now bought from them three times and will continue - even though I'm now based abroad. It's worth pay for the postage to get such top quality products!

    Product : Really comfy sleep!

    However, quite a soft pillow, although you can adjust it to fit your neck and shoulders. If you're used to Therapeutic Pillow's traditional foam pillow it might feel a little soft at first but you'll likely to get used to it.

    It's not particularly cool though: it feels marginally cooler than a regular memory foam pillow but it's not cooler than a feather one. So if you're really suffering with the heat this might be an issue.

    I bought it partly to counteract the pretty intense heat of a Tempur mattress. But I think nothing will do that. So I'm sending the mattress back - but keeping the pillow as it's ace!

  • 5 out of 5 14/12/2016

    Service rating : Great

    Product : My new pillow is great my hubby is now useing my old one and I will buy another next year, I have been using the standard contoured pillow for over 10 years and can't sleep with anything else and the gel one seems to be cooler I suffer a lot of headaches and I love these pillows and am now considering an underlay and your travel pillow two

  • 5 out of 5 11/11/2016

    Service rating : Best nights sleep I ever had!

    Product : Probably going to end up buying one for everyone I know. They are amazing, my back thanks you!

  • 5 out of 5 13/09/2016

    Easy to order, quick delivery. Thank you.

  • 5 out of 5 13/07/2016

    Service rating : It is lovely but I would have liked a little more difference between the ends for side and back sleeping

    Product : Love it - would like to but another insert as I have an older pillow of same sort which is not as wonderful as this one!

  • 5 out of 5 05/06/2016

    Service rating : Thank you for the best pillow ever!!!

    Product : Wonderful!!!!!

  • 5 out of 5 12/04/2016

    Service rating : Quick professional service.

    Product : Just what I was looking for - super comfortable! Whilst these sorts of pillows have a tendency to lose their volume over time, the benefit of this one is the flexibility to adjust its height, now that's smart.

  • 5 out of 5 26/02/2016

    Love the product the pillows are the best!

  • 4 out of 5 05/01/2016

    Service rating : Prompt.

    Product : because of my severe neck problems and 'dowagers hump' the neck support did not work for me -- I suspected it wouldn't, so I cut it into a square and use it the other way around, and after adjusting various movable parts, I am finding it very comfortable and supportive. It would be nice if the (now) sides were wider, but they give good cheek support which I need -- and I'm getting used to it. I call it a "Head Nest" rather than a pillow! Eleanor Ellis.....

  • 5 out of 5 26/10/2015

    Service rating : That's why I bought another one the following week

    Product : It's definitely an excellent pillow

  • 5 out of 5 22/10/2015

    Service rating : Fast delivery, no issues

    Product : Good product, very happy

  • 5 out of 5 07/08/2015

    Service rating : Great service prompt delivery

    Product : Amazing pillow, highly recommend it

  • 5 out of 5 20/04/2015

    Service rating : Timely delivery as promised

    Product : I bought the pillow for my wife, and she loves it!

  • 5 out of 5 09/04/2015

    Service rating : I did not actually deal with anyone as I placed my order online. Call me old fashion but I would rather pick up a phone and talk to someone.
    Overall the website was easy to navigate my way around.

    Product : The pillow that I ordered is excellent. I purchased one from a chiropractor here in Brisbane for my wife and used it twice for myself and had to have one.
    I am that impressed with the product that I have recommended you pillow and Therapeutic website to several people.
    I used to suffer from tension head aches, but now that I use this pillow, I don't suffer any more.

  • 5 out of 5 08/04/2015

    Service rating : Very prompt delivery

    Product : The whole family are now using the gel infused pillow. A little harder than the regular, but it's adjustable!

  • 4 out of 5 04/04/2015

    Service rating : Efficient

    Product : V good thanks

  • 5 out of 5 02/04/2015

    Good to have an Australain company making these quality pillows. I used the internet to order my pillows and found it to be good and easy with the pillows arriving in a good time.

  • 5 out of 5 07/02/2015

    Service rating : I love my pillow. This the second one I've bought so that when I move to the other side of the bed, I don't have to move the pillow. The service was great too - I received it within 48 hours of ordering it.

    Product : We're having a few hot nights at the moment, but my gel-infused pillow always feels cool to sleep on. It's lovely!

  • 5 out of 5 05/01/2015

    Service rating : Quick delivery even during the Chrismas rush.

    Product : I have the whole family using them now.

  • 4 out of 5 03/01/2015

    Service rating : This order went okay. Based on my good first experience I ordered some wedge cushions for sitting on and after the order was messed up, I had some difficulty getting a response to my issue. I still haven't received my replacement cushion.

    Product : This pillow is great how you can customise the size to suit you, however the smell when new is overpowering and I had to spend weeks airing it out before I could use it.

  • 5 out of 5 30/12/2014

    Service rating : Fantastic service product as desribed

    Product : Pillow is excellent

  • 4 out of 5 30/11/2014

    Service rating : Very comfortable pillow

    Product : No instructions with pillow on how to adjust

  • 4 out of 5 25/11/2014

    Would be excellent but for choice of courier.

  • 5 out of 5 16/11/2014

    Service rating : Prompt

    Product : Works well

  • 5 out of 5 12/08/2014

    Service rating : great service very professional the only draw back was Freight it took 3 Days from Melbourne to get to Adelaide.

    Product : I cannot sleep on anything else I take it with me when I go away apart from interstate or overseas.

  • 5 out of 5 21/07/2014

    Fast delivery. Easy process to buy product.

  • 4 out of 5 06/07/2014

    Service rating : great purchase to delivery time

    Product : not use to the shape as yet but early indicators are very good

  • 4 out of 5 20/05/2014

    Service rating : Prompt delivery. Thank you

    Product : It's a bit harder than my last pillow, but it is medium hardness. Once I took out all the strips and inserts, it's much better. This is why I love these pillows.

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  • The Complete Sleeprrr Version for those that find heat an issue while sleeping.

    A new improvement on what a huge number of Australian health professionals regard as the optimum pillow. As it is one size fits all the pillow is adjustable to be able to suit any physique.

    This gel infused neck support pillow features slow warming silica gel, changeable foam inserts which give you as many as as 12 different shape configurations. 

    Proudly Australian Made & Owned

    Our Complete Sleeprrr Gel Infused Contour Pillow and all of our Complete Sleeprrr Pillows are all proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

    The gel infused visco elastic foam responds to your body's warmth giving excellent support through the unique moulding process.

    • Gel specs throughout the foam delay heat buildup and give a cooling effect.
    • A supportive yet still very comfortable cervical pillow suitable for everybody.
    • Encased in an openweave cover designed for further air flow.

    The Complete Sleeprrr Gel Blue is a softer foam pillow that is equivalent to the Complete Sleeprrr Original Pillow. It is a softer type of memory foam and as such will mould to the neck and head in a similar manner to the Original version of the Complete Sleeprrr. 

    Complete Sleeprrr Gel Blue ... the adjustable memory foam gel pillow is designed for a cooler and more comfortable sleep by delaying heat build up.

    The gel infused configuration was designed in conjunction with health professionals to give you the perfect neck support, perfect alignment and perfect temperature when overheating is an issue.

    The two re-workable inserts allow for everybodies unique needs to be taken into account. 

    Pillows made to measure: One size does suit all and the risk is taken away from your pillow being too high or low or the wrong shape. 

    Why is the Complete Sleeprrr Gel Pillow so good? 

    Like the other versions of complete sleeprrr it features differing heights on each side and being adjustable means it is suitable for any body shape. Main difference between it and the other complete sleeprrrs is with Gel infusion it is purposefully designed for those that have issues with heat and warmth while sleeping. 

    • Scalloped edging gives maximum comfort and support. 
    • Gel infusion is the new wave of comfort through cooler sleep and excellent support. 
    • Should help alleviate neck tension through maintaining optimal support. 
    • The noodles in foam surface can be removed for further softness. 
    • Reduction in Snoring may occur through better posture and sleeping position. 
    • Recommended by chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, myotherapists, and naturopaths Australia and worldwide. 

    An adjustable cervical pillow with benefit of providing a cooler sleep. The perfect pillow when a hot sleep is an issue.

    Cut from Australian made gel infused memory foam this product is highly regarded for its slow to warm capacity. Providing a cooler sleep for those that need it most we recommend the use of tencel pillow protector with this product for maximum relief. 

    The product is of a slightly higher density than the original version and more in line with the plus version. This heavier density will prevent head moulding quite so far into the product thus keeping more surface area of the face exposed out of the pillow. 

    Change the surface feel of the pillow.

    By removing the foam noodles from the pillow you can further soften the feel of the gel infused foam. We recommend leaving them in initially and then if you are finding the pillow to be a little firm you can remove them to get the right level of softness. Please store for later as pillow will soften over time.

    Care Instructions

    Inner: Do not immerse in water. Dab clean with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.
    Dry flat away from direct sunlight.

    Cover: Normal wash and dry. (To avoid damage to the foam from constant removal of cover, leave cover permanently on the pillow once you have configured it to suit your comfort needs).

    General: To help the lifespan and generally protect the pillow we recommend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector in medium size.

    Patents and Trade Marks in force world wide.

  • Size 38cm wide x 52cm long x 14cm & 12cm high
    Foam 100% Australian made Visco Elastic Cell with Silica Gel Immersion
    Manufactured Made in Australia
    Cover Open Weave Polyester.
    Brochure  Download Flyer
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    • What is Gel Infused?

      The Gel infused complete sleeprrr means that there is gel mixed in with foam during the pouring process and these are spread evenly through the pillow to allow for the benefits of the Gel be experienced. Primarily it provides a cooling sleeping process and also a little more softness to the product at the same time.

    • I have a few questions about the gel-infused memory foam pillow: 1. If it is cooling, does it start as cold before it gets warmed up ? The info. for the MemoGel pillow has "Rather than making you sleep on a cold surface, the MemoGel pillow absorbs excess heat through the gel surface and into the pillow." but this isn't mentioned in the info. for the gel-infused pillow. 2. The info says it is soft foam but is it available in the 3 grades of softness (soft, medium, firm) the same as for the Sleepr

      1. The gel infused pillow does not start out colder but it does draw body heat into the gel particles thereby feeling slightly cooler than a regular memory foam pillow. It tends to also warm up slower than a normal pillow. 2. The gel C/S is just available in a soft version - similar in feel to the orginal C/S. 3. The pillow should fit most pillow cases and if looking at a protector the medium pillow protector will be the best fit. It is the same size as the original complete sleeper.

    • Review.

      Your company is second to none for customer service and fast delivery, the products are wonderful, all in all a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Kerry

    • How does the gel memory foam compare to the original?Is it firmer or softer?Does it conform to neck and head the same or is the foam structure different?I have cervical disc problems and sleep on my back, I still can not find the perfect pillowThank you

      The gel version of the complete sleeprr is the same or perhaps a shade softer than the original version. It should be quite good for back sleeping with its adjustable aspects. Please let me know if you would like a stockist nearby. Please call 03 85856685 for further info

    • Prob 5 years ago or so I bought whatI thought was the Complete Sleeprrr. I wld like one like my original pillow. the info about the Complete sleeprr Gel Blue - adjustable memory foam gel, I read - " It is a softer type of memory foam & as such will mould to the neck and head in a similar manner to the Original version of the Complete Sleeprrr." Does this mean the standard complete sleeprrr has changed since my previous purchase & if it want something similar I need to buy this one - made from

      If you have found success with the original version then i would recommend sticking with it. Both are great pillows but nothing has changed in the formulation of the original version so would recommend that as your purchase.

    • do you have an antisnore pillow or a pillow that will stop snoring?

      Unfortunately there is no perfect solution for a snoring husband! We have had very good responses over the years with the complete sleeprrr original as that is an adjustable pillow and does encourage side sleeping which is the best way to minimise snoring

    • I have one of your contoured pillows but it Is to light and moves around during the night. What have you got that is not as light as foam and still contoured. I want one the is on the higher side of size. Thanks

      Hi G, Please give us a call during office hours and happy to discuss some different options for you with pillows that are of a heavier structure. Warm regards, Brett.

    • Hello I was wondering can you buy the extra noodles and inserts for this pillow? Thank you Annie

      Hi Annie, Unfortunately we do not have extra noodles or inserts in the gel material but we do have inserts available in a firmer foam that can be used to make the pillow feel firmer. Warm regards, Brett.

    • Hi I sleep on my side and want to be sure that this pillow is suited to side sleepers before I buy, and what size of cover suits? Best Colin

      Hi Colin, The gel version is the softest of our range. A great product but i think given you are a side sleeper you would be better off with the plus version which is a bit denser, gives more support and i usually recommend for most males. The therasoft pillow case range will all fit this pillow and the medium size in the naturelle pillow protectors will be the best option. Warm regards, Brett Parnham. (03) 8585 6685

    • I suffer from allergies and hay fever which makes my eyes red and irritated. Previously I used a duck feather filled pillow but have been advised that this type of pillow could be contributing to my red and irritated eyes. A friend advised me to opt for a memory pillow. What are your thoughts?

      The foam and memory foam pillows are all hypoallergenic meaning that there should be no issue with any allergies or anything else. Any pillow out of the foam range should be good for you. Please call us on 03 8585 6685 and happy to help with all and any questions. Warm regards, Brett.

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