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Latex Donut Ring Cushion - Pain Relief Seating Cushion

Medical cushion is shaped for maximum relief of bedsores, post operative pain and other painful conditions. Provides pain relief to sensitive areas.

Ideal for wheelchairs users, Maternity units, rest homes and hospitals.

  • Comfortably conforms to body contours
  • Designed to relieve pain in the tailbone & coccyx area
  • Made of one-piece, puncture-proof latex foam rubber
  • Reduces pressure point discomfort
  • Reduces pain to coccyx and tailbone area when seating
  • Use during pregnancy for pain relief

Relief Donut Ring Cushion is a high density latex donut shaped pain relief seat cushion that takes pressure away from sensive areas.

Designed for post natal or post operative discomfort, haemorrhoids, bruised coccyx and other painful conditions. The Relief Ring Cushion is a seat cushion giving pressure-free comfort when sitting.

In heavy density pure rubber latex (natural from the rubber tree!). Designed to withstand heavy load-bearing pressures.

Our orthopaedic Latex Foam Donut Ring Cushion has been specially designed to relieve or eliminate pressure on sensitive areas when seated. However, sitting for long periods on a low quality ring cushion is not recommended as it can interfere with the blood flow to the area causing potential pressure problems.

This pressure relieving donut ring cushion allows the user to sit for longer periods as it is made from latex foam rubber which rapidly responds to weight movement and reduces interface pressure on the body.

Regardless of the quality of your cushion, it is important not to sit for too long in one position.

Pressure reduction for this sensitive area

When using the Latex Foam Donut Ring medical cushion most affected areas will be effectively suspended due to the unique cut-out and any pressure virtually eliminated. Reduce pain and pressure on the coccyx tailbone area.

Medical cushions provide the relief of:

post-natal discomfort, post-operative pain, haemorrhoids, Pregnancy pain relief, bruised coccyx, fractured coccyx (tail bone) and general coccyx pain,hip bursitis, prostrate inflammation, general anal pain, other painful conditions

Latex donut ring cushion is Ideal for:

  • home, car and office, wheelchairs
  • hospitals, maternity units, & nursing homes
  • During pregnancy for pain relief
  • Moulds to your body.
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant and super-hygienic, does not support organic growth.
  • Unique cut-out eliminates pressure. Promotes faster healing after operations and childbirth.
  • Versatile and suited for most seating surfaces. It can easily be taken to hospital or on holidays and is ideal for wheelchair, office or general work place use.
  • The medical ring cushion comes complete with an outer cover, which is easily removed and washable.
  • Highly versatile. Can be used at home, on your travels, in hospital, at work place, wheelchair - anywhere you sit.

Only available in Steri-Plus cover:

A moisture and bacteria-resistant Steri-Plus, which has a special polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric.

Pure and Natural Latex from the Rubber tree

The Ring Cushion is produced from pure natural latex - harvested by tapping the milk (sap) of the small tropical tree Heavea Braziliensis. No Chemicals are needed to stabilise the rubber, and the intrinsic colour is also retained. Latex is bio-degradable, naturally!

Our latex is non-toxic and contaminant-free, its natural properties inhibit bacterial and fungal growth,
and it provides an inhospitable environment for dust mites. Latex is a renewable and sustainable resource.

Latex Relief Ring Cushion: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a cushion which is designed for post-operative use?

What is the difference between a latex, urethane foam & inflatable donut ring cushions?

Why should I wait the latex donut cushion?

Q. Do you have a cushion which is designed for post-operative use?

A. Yes, the Keyhole Cushion and the Latex Relief Ring Cushion are recommended for post-natal or post operative discomfort, haemorrhoids, bruised coccyx and other painful afflictions involving sensitive areas. Both these designs leave the affected area relatively free of contact and therefore pressure-free.

Q. Explain the difference between a latex donut cushion, a foam ring cushion and an inflatable ring cushion?

A. Natural latex donut cushion has excellent compression and diffusion properties. (Latex is from the rubber tree).
Some urethane foam versions of the ring cushion tend to collapse under the body's load.
A blow-up version of the ring cushion is a poor substitute.

The problem with inflatable donut cushions is that there is no pressure dispersion (nothing to disperse pressure into!!), and it is not a stable platform. You wobble!
And you also sweat as it acts as a seal to air, whereas latex and/or foam does 'breathe' to some extent.

Q. Why should I wait to get a latex donut cushion from you when I can get one instantly from a retail outlet?

A. If you want the best available donut cushion, made out of natural material that will hold its shape, and be stable and supportive ... you will have to wait. Because it is not widely available at retail because retailers prefer the small size of the uninflated blow up.

Care Instructions

Inner: Latex foam Do not wash. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. Air regularly. If wet -Dry flat in warm location avoiding direct sunlight. Avoid immersing in water or dry cleaning. If very wet it may take days to dry completely.

Cover: Wipe clean or warm hand wash in a 5% mild detergent solution. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry.

Over slip: Normal wash. Normal dry.

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Service rating : My partner has been in hospital for 41 days and has been sitting in a wheel chair and was complaining of a sore bottom. I brought one of your therapeutic ring cushions and he said it was the best thing out.

Product : My partner has been in hospital for 41 days and has been sitting in a wheel chair and was complaining of a sore bottom. I brought one of your therapeutic ring cushions and he said it was the best thing out.
Service rating : Easy to use and fast service

Product : Looks like it will do the job nicely
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Product : Excellent. My wife uses it all the time and really appreciates it
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Product : Mum's pressure sore much better. The cushion and good nursing both contributed to vast improvement. Very happy family.
Service rating : excellent

Product : thank you for the fast delivery of my Ring Cushions.

After some serious testing, I can say that the Ring Cushions makes the best meditation cushions. It has allowed me to sit cross legged for much longer without feeling uncomfortable.

Thank You.

Kind Regards
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Product : No one wants to have to use the donut cushion but if you need it, this one is priced well, offers real relief and made right here in Australia.
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Product : I got this after a recent surgery but I continue to get use out of it.
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Product : After a pretty intense birthing experience I was super sore. The donut cushion made sitting comfortable as I fully recovered and feeling better makes it easier to fully support my baby's needs.
Very prompt & polite.
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Product : I feel more comfortable with Latex Donut ring when I used it for my driving car
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Product : I was using the Relief Cushion Latex Steri Plus on top of my usual meditation cushion. I have tried several combinations with products supplied by other companies; but none can compare with the comfort that your product provides. Well Done!
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Product : cushion slightly to hard otherwise very good
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Hello, You can either purchase the product online or please give our head office a call on 03 8585 6685 and we can recommend a local stockist.

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