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The cool solution for refreshing sleep. Innovative cooling pillow pad dissipates the heat in your body so that you can sleep comfortably.

Cooliow uses thermoregulating technology to produce a natural cooling effect by absorbing body heat to the pillow pad and then dispersing it to the atmosphere. There are no chemicals and no electricity usage involved in the cooling solution provided by Cooliow.

Do you spend night after night tossing and turning, flipping your pillow umpteen times just to find a comfortable cool spot? Then this is the solution that you have been looking for.

This remarkably effective cooling pillow pad is made from very soft and thin medical grade material. Thermo regulating cooling pad that does not require electricity usage. The temperature is lowered through diffusion and the cooling pad gently soothe and relax your muscles. The technology is fairly simple; an amalgamation of non-toxic fluids, specialized thermo regulating material and the laws of thermodynamics give you the desired cushion effect and thermo regulation without power.

Forget about using noisy air pumps, blowing or electricity bills. All you have to do is fill the cooling cushion pad with some water and its ready to treat your hot flushes, sunburns, headaches, tired feet and more.

Hot flushes are a common issue related to hormonal imbalance and menopause and women around the world suffer from this distressing condition. Unfortunately, there is no cure for it but you will be able to tone down the intensity and control hot flushes and night sweat with Cooliow comfort cool pillow. Relief is almost instantaneous and before you know it you will get helpful reprieve from the symptoms of hot flashes.

Why is our price for the Cooliow less than that of other cooling pillow pads?   Because we have it manufactured overseas to our standards, and because we import it directly ourselves.  No middleman in the mix, so those savings are reflected in the lower price.  It is really that simple. Thank you. 

This personal cooling pad truly is a multi-purpose product. Most people who have used this amazing product cant stop raving about how handy and useful it is.

  • The cooling pad is normally smooth and cool to touch making it very refreshing.
  • When filled with water the pillow pad is approximately 2 cm thick.The product makes no noise and does not require electricity.
  • You can use it on your head, legs and back. The temperature is almost perfect; neither too cold nor too hot.
  • The pillow pad is remarkably effective in controlling the symptoms of hot flushes, though not a cure.
  • You will be surprised at the quick relief that the cooling pad can provide in case of sunburns, headaches and to soothe tired feet.
  • Unlike some cooling pad, ours is covered in a durable waterproof material.

The workings of the Cooling Pillow Pad:

Cooliow cooling pad dissapates body heat just like the radiator in your car. When the hot fluid enters the radiator it loses its heat and the cool water is then circulated through the system to begin the process again. This cooling pad follows a similar principle; it acts like your body’s very own radiator that absorbs heat through water and dissipates it into the surrounding air giving a cool refreshing sensation. Cool to touch.

There is no refrigeration required to use this product and you don’t have to sleep on a soggy wet pillow either because Cooliow stays dry on the outside. Many experts believe that lowering the temperature of the head helps people sleep more peacefully.

If you want an even cooler pillow pad then place it in the refridgerator for 20 minutes but never put in the freezer!

Sleep experts love the effects of the Cooliow

Room temperate can have a significant bearing on the quality of your sleep. Aa lower than normal room temperate helps people to sleep better and deeper. Cooliow cooling pillow pad brings down the temperature of the pillow.

How to use Cooliow?

Fill the pad with water, exhaust the air seals. Make sure that the weight after filling the pillow with water does not exceed 2.5 kgs and to do so you should ensure that you do not fill more than 2.3 liters of water in it. You can reduce the quantity of water if you want. You can refrigerate the pillow for extra coolness but never put it in the freezer!
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4 out of 5
Service rating : Haven't tried it yet as the weather is quite cool, so look forward to trying it in summer

Product : Again same as above, havent tried it yet.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Fast efficient and extremely helpful

Product : This is the first time i have found a product to assist with my hot flushes and sweats at night. I have finally been able to sleep with waking every 1 or 2 hrs. I have recommended it to other breast cancer survivors
5 out of 5
Great products, excellent service
5 out of 5
Service rating : Product arrived in a timely manner.

Product : Works perfectly and big enough to fit my pillow
5 out of 5
Service rating : Pillow was posted out very promptly

Product : This pillow is a life saver for my hot flushes, I absolutely love it. I need another one to keep in the fridge and swap over in the middle of the night. Fantastic.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Speedy delivery.

Product : My husband has been having trouble sleeping during the recent very hot nights. We don't have fans or air-conditioning. He hasn't had a sweaty head since day one of using the Cooliow. Excellent!
5 out of 5
Service rating : Vey efficient service

Product : Just luuuv it ! Use it on my feet as well. Awesome. Best product for hot flashes.
4 out of 5
Service rating :

Product : Tricky to adjust the filling level and not get lumps.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Website could use a bit of work

Product : It's greta but would be even better if it was just a little bit bigger to make it the size of a normal pillow, rather than about 80%. Possibly also provide some sort of "cool" pillow slip with the pad - no use having a cool pad inside a warm pillow slip!
5 out of 5
Service rating : Very happy with the product and the service.

Product : I love my pillow insert. It's amazing how cool it is.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Good service, quick delivery

Product : My partner loves his Cooliow pillow! He is very impressed. Great quality.
2 out of 5
Service rating : Service good

Product : A bit disappointed as not as cool as I expected
5 out of 5
Service rating : Quick and easy site to navigate around.

Product : Exactly what was on the website. Great product
4 out of 5
Service rating : ....

Product : ....
4 out of 5
Service rating : Excellent service - ordered on Sunday, delivered on Monday

Product : Works well but a bit uncomfortable to sleep on - slips around a bit
5 out of 5
Service rating : Very prompt service.

Product : I've been getting the best nights sleep since buying this product.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Service via phone was quite good. The email reply was a bit slow.

Product : Good quality product. Has a screw in plug which is great, No leaks - unlike a competitor's product with a push-in plug. Stays cool for a few hours but heats up by morning.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Pleased with service and delivery. Thank you.

Product : Pleased with purchase. Thank you.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Fast delivery and product arrived in good condition

Product : I love the product, but am finding it difficult to use because it feels way too cold to put my head on.
5 out of 5
Service rating : I was impressed with the quick confirmation and delivery of my order.

Product : The product met my expectations and I'm very happy that it performs as advertised and as expected
5 out of 5
Service rating : quick, no issue

Product : surprisingly cold, plug can be lumpy if you put it the wrong way up.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Good to deal with

Product : Cool and comforting
5 out of 5
Service rating : Prompt service as described.

Product : Pad is great. Keeps cool for several hours.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Shipping was as expected (about a week), email updates etc all good. No complaints.

Product : Great - cooler pillow. I find on super hot nights it doesn't really chill that much (unless put into the fridge) but still cooler than a regular pillow. Jel makes squishy sounds sometimes, and I find it does hold onto the heat instead of releasing it. It slips down my pillow too - all minor problems, I still love it, and use it nightly, and is defiantly cooler.
5 out of 5
Service rating : na

Product : It stays cool all night, it actually does help me sleep on hot nights
5 out of 5
Service rating : Excellent service. Thank you

Product : The Cooling Pillow Pad has certainly helped my partner's sleeping. He used to suffer dreadfully from the heat and wake often bathed in sweat but the cooling pad has solved this problem.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Service was very fast.

Product : Brilliant.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Service was quick

Product : Pillow will be suitable in our hot summer. thank you
4 out of 5
Service rating : Very happy with goods and service provided.

Product : Yikes, its quite cool on a Autumn morning if no hot flushes! Really does work and look forward to summer and trying it out. If good, will order one for the hubby!
5 out of 5
Service rating : Good, quick service

Product : Bought this for my boyfriend who likes a cold pillow, and he's been really happy with it - does exactly as described. Is nice and cool without popping it in the fridge, but for those hot nights it's really nice to pop it in the fridge for that extra coldness. He loves it!
5 out of 5
Service rating : Very comfortable and supportive

Product : It is very effective
5 out of 5
Service rating : Easy online ordering which is what I need.Quick delivery was here before I knew it.Very happy with the product,I used it on the hot nights having difficulty sleeping and hot flushes also.Helped me a lot and noticed the difference within 5 minutes ,I could feel my whole body cooling,just what I needed.

Product : Well what more can I say I have said it all above. great Product would recommend it for menopausal women and hot flushes.Thankyou !,
5 out of 5
Service rating : Quick Delivery

Product : Love this product
4 out of 5
Service rating : prompt delivery thank you

Product : This was for my husband he finds it too cool to use. Maybe something he will use for in summer
4 out of 5
Service was very very good. I was very impressed
ask a question
Hi Jo, Chillow should be fine to take home with you but would recommend not filling with water until you get it home. Reason is that it is difficult to get water out once it is in the product so you will be carrying added weight. Warm regards, Brett.
The cooliow probably weighs about 400 grams but then you put 1.5 litres of water in it which lifts the weight to approx 2kg.
Hi Jen, 6 month warranty on the cooliow cooling pillow. Please give us a call if you have any further questions. Warm regards, Brett.

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