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Large Heat Pad - Body Pillow Heat Pack

These well presented, segmented lupin heat bags can be warmed in the microwave to ease arthritic pain & soothe muscular aches, or chilled in the freezer to relieve local pain or swelling. The segmentation helps to keep the lupins static for maximum targeted relief.

Totally Natural healing: Lupins are widely regarded as a “low allergy” alternative to wheat and are more resistant to moisture and less weight for more comfort.

  • Quick microwave for easy heating.
  • Freeze and use as a cold pack.
  • Suitable for all parts of the body. 100% natural cotton corduroy cover.
  • 30% lighter than a comparable standard wheat bags.
  • Handmade in Australia.Made from 100% natural Australian lupins.
  • Allergy and odour free.Not treated with chemicals or fungicides.
  • A better product than traditional wheat bags / heat packs.Our lupins bags with their gentle penetrating heat or cold, go deep into the muscles to help nature with the act of healing.
  • By simply warming in the microwave or chilling in the freezer, the natural lupins will assist to sooth aches, pains, stress and hot flushes. 

Totally Natural healing: Lupins are widely regarded as a “low allergy” alternative to wheat and are more resistant to moisture (to make cleaning easier) and less weight for more comfort.

Handmade in Australia from Australian lupins the Therapeutic Goods Administration (ARTG) number is 106788 . The fabric is 100% natural cotton corduroy. 

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Service rating : Fast and excellent delivery of products.

Product : Havent used it yet.
Service rating : Postage was super fast. Ordered 2pm one day arrived 10am the following day

Product : Awesome product but doesn't stay warm long enough.
Service rating : Very fast delivery.

Product : Versatile.
Very happy with packs and very fast service
Service rating : It was excellent

Product : It doesn't keep the heat long enough
Service rating : I bought this as a gift for someone who has a great deal of pain & she finds it helps immensely. Great service & easy to use website

Product : Very happy with the product...maybe needs to be about 5cm longer to fully cover the back but it is helping with pain so we are happy with that
Service rating : Very happy with the service and products so far and will be ordering some more very shortly.

Product : Finding it wonderful to do my whole back with just the one heat pack.
Will be ordering another 2 soon. For my daughter and sister.
Service rating : Quick shipping & great service

Product : Good size, works well!
Service rating : Very good service. And cater for all your needs. Will recommend to all my friends

Product : Very good. Keeps the heat .
I have tried to enter my details to become registered for wholesale but am unable as the intake form will not accept my address details. I have phoned to rectify this. The person i spoke to said it should be Ok so I tried again. It again would not let me past the address info section. I would really like to continue and be registered for wholesale. Thanks Regards Julie
Great for back pain little difficult to fold to put in microwave but manageable comfortable to lie on covers area well
Service rating : Very fast delivery

Product : Very good product
Service rating : Excellent service, really fast delivery!

Product : I've tried many different heat packs, but this is the best one I've tried so far.
if your site could lets us know what postage is for the area before you buy so you know what you are up for thats the only thing it would be great
Service rating : Awesome fast delivery, no hassle

Product : So far very happy
Service rating : Amazingly quick delivery!

Product : Can't go a night without it. Love it.
Very prompt. Did not need to deal with them directly after the automated checkout, which makes for a smooth transaction.
Service rating : Excellent range, service and best quality products. We will definetley purchase again!

Product : For mum to warm up the bed!
Great products at a good price.
Service rating : Very comfy, but loses heat too quickly (within about 10 minutes). Probably no easy solution to this, seems like a universal problem with heat packs.

Product : Very comfy, but loses heat too quickly (within about 10 minutes). Probably no easy solution to this, seems like a universal problem with heat packs.
Good service and good products
goods received as advertised. our family use them daily.
Service rating : Many other companies could learn from Therapeutic Pillow. Efficient, accurate and prompt.

Product : Top level, exactly as described.
Service rating : Amazingly fast delivery.

Product : Very effective and a high-quality product.
Service rating : top notch service

Product : This is so great for both regular aches and pains but also cramps, headaches, neck aches, mild sprains, stiff joints and more.
Service rating : service and delivery were very good

Product : A real relief for my aching feet and other sore spots. Money well spent but I am just sorry I didn't buy it sooner.
Service rating : service was very good

Product : I use this in my massage practice to warm client's backs while I am working on their feet and I think client's return for this soothing special touch.
Service rating : service was good

Product : Everyone should have at least one of these natural heat packs. They are cheap comparatively and super useful for natural, non-drug pain relief.
Service rating : great

Product : Worth the price for sure. I find myself using it much more than I expected. Headaches, neck stiffness, cramps, even just warming up on a cold night.
Service rating : service and delivery were good

Product : The size on this lupin heat pack is great and with its flexibility, it can mould to fit wherever you are hurting. It isn't washable so I have mine covered with a pillow case I can wash in between uses.
Service rating : Fantastic service, delivery and goods as described!

Product : I adore this product. It goes with me around the house everywhere - I will be buying more soon :)
Service rating : Product arrived in a timely fashion, thankyou.

Product : A fantastic product, very well made, gives great relief to a sore back.
My order arrived promptly, there was email communication the entire time advising the status of my order and the quality of the product was good.
Service rating : Great service

Product : As above
Service rating : Very happy with the product, comfortable and supportive without being hard

Product : Relieves aching pains
Service rating : Answered by questions professionally and quickly.

Product : Love it
Service rating : The service was good and I received the goods very quickly

Product : Find it very heavy also for the person I bought it for.
Service was quick and efficient
Service rating : Easy to use, friendly.

Product : Doesn't heat as effectively as was advertised.
Service rating : I love your products and the quality of them!!!!

Product : Should of got one of these earlier, the relief it gives me is amazing!
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The yellow legume seeds of lupins, commonly called lupin beans, were popular with the Romans, who spread the plant's cultivation throughout the Roman Empire. Lupin or Lupini Beans are yellow legume seeds of the lupinus genus plant, and were once a common food of the Mediterranean basin and Latin America.
All seed tend to have an odour when heated up. Lupin can have a slight smell of popcorn.
Sponge your lupin bag lightly with luke warm water to remove surface marks, being careful not to saturate product. Hang up to dry as soon as possible. When cover is dry, rub lupin bag briskly between your hands to ensure grains are dry. Do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not immerse.
While wheat is the traditional filler for a heat bag, we have found that lupin is lighter and maintains its heat longer than wheat, thus giving you a longer lasting product. Through our lab testing we have found that our lupin heat bags stay warmer for longer than traditional wheat bags. Our lupin heat packs are also 30% lighter than traditional wheat heat bags which means less pressure on your body.
We recommend that you initially just heat for periods of 30 seconds, checking the product each time and flipping it over. Once you have tried this a few times you can put it on for longer periods until you get to your required heat. It is important not to heat for too long in the one position at the start as each microwave has different amounts of power and heating rates. Lupin are a natural product and like any natural product will damage if heated to long.

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