EasyFeed Maternity Pillow - Baby Breastfeeding Pillow

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EasyFeed Maternity Pillow - Baby Breastfeeding Pillow

  • 4 out of 5 22/12/2016

    Service rating : Can not give you any feed back at this time as the baby is born until March 2017.

    Product : Can not give you any feed back at this time as the baby is born until March 2017.

  • 5 out of 5 27/01/2015

    Service rating : Stopped me snoring at night

    Product : My daughter got to use it for first born

  • 4 out of 5 29/09/2013

    Fast delivery, good customer service!!

  • 5 out of 5 09/08/2013

    Makes feeding much easier and I no longer get a sore back from feeding.

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  • EasyFeed - Nursing & Breastfeeding Pillow - Baby feeding pillow - For both breast and bottle-fed babies

    The EasyFeed Maternity Pillow is an angled baby feeding pillow that helps baby breathe and swallow safely, and helps alleviate tension in the mother's arms, shoulder, neck and back allowing her to relax (a key factor in milk supply) whilst feeding her child. Without doubt the best nursing pillow out there for feeding your baby!

    Australian Made & Owned

    Our EasyFeed Maternity Pillow and EasyFeed Spare Pillow Covers are proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia upholds.

    Feed your baby with ease a quality nursing pillow

    Dianne King's 'Easy feed' Nursing Pillow is designed to relieve back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain and alleviate lower back problems of mothers while breastfeeding or bottle feeding their baby. For both breast & bottle-fed babies.

    Nursing pillow helps position baby properly while breastfeeding or bottle feeding

    • Enables mother's to relax - a key factor in milk supply for breast feeding.
    • Makes feeding relaxing for both mother & baby.
    • Supports the baby's weight … reduces back, neck & shoulder strain.
    • Supports the lower back.
    • Reduces the risk of backache through bad posture.
    • Allows mother's to rest their arms & elbows on top of the pillow.
    • Helps alleviate 'tension' in the mother's arms, shoulders, neck and back.
    • Protects incision of post-caesarean mothers.
    • Protects delicate abdominal area.
    • Secure wrap-around cashew shape for a custom comfortable fit.
    • Feed your baby comfortably anywhere you choose with the support you need.
    • Compact & portable.
    • Simple to use.
    • Suitable for both breast and bottle feeding.
    • Adjustable to accommodate your baby's growth.
    • The soft outer cover is waterproof, bacteria resistant, and easily wipes clean.
    • Reversable feeding wedge padded on both sides
    • Stretches to fit every waist size.
    • Secure wrap-around shape.
    • Adapts to all waist and chair shapes.

    'Easy Feed' pillow - Angled Nursing Pillow

    Dianne King (mother of two) designer, explains her nursing pillow: "When I breastfed and bottle-fed my first baby, Roslyn, I found it extremely difficult to relax my body while supporting her weight for any length of time. Also, maintaining the correct elevation added to the strain."

    "I felt that it was probably the same reason why so many other mothers became fatigued in those early months with their new babies. For this reason I designed my breast feeding pillow to alleviate the tension normally associated with feeding."

    "After using my pillow with new daughter Michelle, I've found feeding a much more enjoyable and relaxing experience. I think you will enjoy it too." Dianne King, Bendigo, Australia.

    Tailored Pillow Covers

    The pillow is designed to be used either solely in its white water-proof cover, or with a protective pillow cover. The following styles and colored spare pillow covers available are made in three different styles and a range of colours:

    • Pure cotton toweling.
    • Broderie anglais ruffled.
    • Polyester/cotton ruffled.
    • White, Sky Blue, Pink & Lemon colour options.
  • Length The overall length is 60cm
    Width At the baby's head end the widest part of the pillow is 40cm
    Thickness From the lap up to where a baby would lie; The Baby's head end is 20-22cm
    Filling Hypoallergenic polyester 'polyfill' fill
    Waterproof Outer Cover Bacteria-Resistant white nylon
    Manufactured Australian Made
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    • Why do I need a special post natal pillow for supporting baby while feeding?

      The Easy Feed Pillow is specially designed to angle baby for easier feeding. What this angle does is enable air (burping) to flow more freely and thus make it a more pleasant experience for both baby and mother. The EasyFeed pillow is also adjustable (you can add or delete polyfill as determined by the baby's size and growth), and by supporting baby's weight it also ensures that mother is more relaxed and is thus able to induce a stress-free supply of milk.

    • Why do I need the EasyFeed pillow? Why can't I hold baby in my arms during feeding?

      You can, but you will enjoy the experience more if you use an EasyFeed Pillow because the pillow takes the strain of baby's weight, not your back!

    • What's so special about the EasyFeed pillow?

      Apart from being angled for easier feeding, it is also constructed in a way to hold its shape at all times. Thin profile-cut layers of foam are sewn into the top and lower surface so that it holds its conformation at all times and supports baby in the desired angle, in comfort.

    • Do you deliver to Singapore

      Yes we deliver all over the world. Product is dispatched every day and normally singapore delivery would be within 5 business days. Freight can be calculated by putting product into your cart and then clicking on Singapore as the destination country. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Regards, Brett.

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