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MemoGel Curve Pillow

  • 4 out of 5 04/02/2016

    Service rating : could not fault the service it was very prompt and informative.

    Product : took a while to get used to it but it's fine now

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  • An Ideal Combination: Silica Gel sleeping surface & luxurious Memory Foam

    With an exceptionally soft Memory Foam feel, optimum curved support, and a cooling silica gel surface, the MemoGel Curve Pillow ticks all the boxes for a comfortable nights sleep.

    The choice of Healthcare Professionals Australia wide

    Exclusively available through healthcare professionals, the MemoGel Curve Pillow is a premium pillow designed in collaboration with healthcare practitioners to create the ideal pillow for sleep.

    With its unique neck cradling design, extra wide shape and soft memory foam support, you can sleep comfortably on a pillow that looks after your body throughout the nights sleep.

    Pressure Relief: A better nights sleep

    The proven pressure relieving properties of Memory Foam greatly assist in providing a better quality of sleep. Utilizing a unique curve design, the Memory Foam Curve Pillow perfectly contours to the shape of the users neck and spine, supporting the body throughout sleep.

    Non-Toxic Silica Gel Surface

    Via a process of conduction, the non-toxic silica Cooling Gel internal layer absorbs and disperses excess body heat to provide a cool nights sleep. The Cooling Gel layer is built into the pillow, actively providing cooling in addition to the soft feel pressure relief from the Memory Foam structure.

    Bamboo Sleeping Surface

    The completely pure natural bamboo outer cover on the MemoGel Contour Pillow allows your face to breathe during the night whilst giving you a plush comfortable and luxurious feel. The Memogel Contour Pillow is considerably comfortable and has been well received by all who have tried it.
  • Pillow Dimensions 69cm wide x 42cm deep x 10cm high
    Outer Cover 35% bamboo 65% polyester weave
    Inner Foam Premium visco elastic memory foam with silica Gel padded surface.
    Weight 2.1kg
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    • Do you have recommend a pillow to stop ear soreness and still be soft and supportive. Thank you

      Yes the sleepezy zone 3 is designed to have minimum filling in the middle section and therefor take pressure off the ears. Alternatively we can remove a portion of foam around the ear to prevent touching on the ear with the pillow. Please give us a call if you want any further informatioin. Warm regards, Brett (03) 8585 6685.

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