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Tranquillow Pillow - Gently Contoured Comfort Pillow. Carved from one piece of quality foam. Tranquillow supports the neck and cradles the head.

The contour of the pillow features one side slightly higher than the other to provide user options and ensure that personal support and comfort needs can be met. Covered in removable cotton cover. Ideal for average frame adults who have a preference for side sleeping, but is also suitable for back-sleeping. 

Tranquillow contoured neck pillow

Our original therapeutic contoured neck pillow, carved from non-allergenic quality foams is available in two different densities. Specifically designed to support the neck and cradle the head. Tranquillow has been designed to encourage better position and posture during sleep by maintaining the spine's natural alignment.

Main Features

  • Tranquillow's gentle contour features one side slightly higher than the opposite side, for individual support and comfort for either side or back sleeping, and its shape encourages better posture during sleep.
  • Designed to help minimize neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness in both 'new' and 'old' injuries.
  • May assist asthma sufferers and others who require clear breathing patterns.
  • Aids breathing patterns - may help alleviate snoring! (as side sleeping is beneficial for enhancing clearer breathing by opening the airway).
  • 'No bounce' non-moulded construction provides desired nestling effect for neck and head, ensures comfort.

Five Sizes

Tranquillow comes in five sizes and two different densities to ensure that the support needs of all individuals regardless of their size or sleeping position can be met.

  • Children's (soft density only): For the tender years 3-7. Suits Naturelle Pillow Protector in Small Size.
  • Small: available in 'soft' and 'deluxe' densities. For older children, young teenagers, small framed adults and those who prefer a low pillow, and back sleepers. Suits Naturelle Pillow Protectors in a Standard Size
  • Standard: available in 'soft' and 'deluxe' densities. For average framed persons, and side sleepers. Suits Naturelle Pillow Protector in Large Size.
  • Queen: available in deluxe foam only. Suits broader-framed (above average) persons who sleep on their side. Suits Naturelle Pillow Protector in a Large Size.
  • King: available in deluxe foam only. broad-framed side sleepers. Suits Naturelle Pillow Protector in a Large Size.

Foam Choices - Which pillow should i choose?

The Tranquillow pillow comes in the choice of two different foams. The soft version (white colour) is a medium density softer structure foam. It is the most popular version. The deluxe version of foam (yellow in colour) is quite firm and will not suit those that like to mould into their pillow. It will however provide a very rigid and supportive sleep surface for those that like a rigid support. If unsure of which option we recommend the purchase of the soft version. 
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5 out of 5
Service rating : I feel as tho some pillows are too expensive. It's a chiropractic pillow which is something natural needed for those with problems.

Product : Very comfortable for my neck
1 out of 5
Service rating : excellent delivery and communiction

Product : way to big to sleep on comfortably. Too hard.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Their service was excellent got my pillow only couple of days after I ordered it and no dramas

Product : However it's too high for me should have ordered smaller size
2 out of 5
Service rating : Service was fine but never got responses back from my live chat to get advice so ended up with two pillows im not happy with that was disappointing.

Product : It is not very comfy cannot get a good night sleep on it
5 out of 5
Service rating : Web site very easy to use and delivery was very fast.

Product : I have been using these pillows for years because of osteo arthritis in my neck.......they are fantastic and help to make my life almost pain free.....I even take my pillow in my case when I go on holidays!!!
5 out of 5
Great products and service
4 out of 5
Service rating : The pillow that was delivered wasn't the one I had ordered. I called and left a voicemail and didn't get a call back. I had to call back two days later. I then got sent the correct pillow but never got sent the labels to send the first one back. Called back 3 days ago to follow up on the labels and still nothing. I really want to send the wrong pillow back, but obviously not at my own cost.

Product : It is a good pillow for me, I still better and have less frequent neck pain.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Service was excellent. Very fast delivery time. No hassles

Product : Really like my new contoured support pillow but having trouble finding a pillow protector that fits properly
4 out of 5
As discribed
5 out of 5
exactly what descripton was on website. fast delivery
4 out of 5
Service rating : My pillow took about 4 days to deliver and was left at the front door as I wasn't home

Product : I have been using this pillow for the last 3 weeks and I am still struggling with it, I have had sore ears and neck and I find it very hard as I have a small head , I can't seem to get comfortable with it.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Pillow and price are great. Only complaint is the Courier service you use who are not flexible - would prefer Australia Post

Product : Great pillow - just perfect
4 out of 5
Service rating : Service was very good

Product : Support is good better night sleep now with new pillow.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Easy to place order and goods arrived on time

Product : Product exactly as described.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Fast shipping and reliable service every time

Product : These are great pillows I keep going back to, I take it wherever I to sleep over and when I'm without them I wake up tired and with a stiff neck. I just wish they lasted longer than six months when for me, they seem to flatten just slightly enough to need to be replaced.
5 out of 5
Service rating : I've always had amazingly fast delivery from this company.

Product : Very happy with the product
5 out of 5
Service rating : Good communication and delivery.

Product : Definitely much more comfortable for my neck.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Great service! Pillow arrived the next day!

Product : Best sleep I've ever had. It took a couple of nights to get used to, but I sleep fantastically on it. No neck pain in the morning and less snoring.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Pillow arrived with in 2 days of ordering. Great service.

Product : Love this pillow!! Just replaced my last one after 7 years. Gives me a greats nights sleep.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Service was excellent, package arrived sooner than expected, and no damage.

Product : It was exactly as described - but I didn't believe them, and it turned out a bit too hard for my taste, although I a adjusted to it. Because I dislike the memory foam pillows, I came to Therapeutic Pillow for a true foam rubber pillow, and intend to buy another (just one that's the next level softer!)
4 out of 5
Service rating : Service was fine - it came so quickly!

Product : I ordered a small, but maybe I should have got a child's size? The pillow is a bit too big for me, so my husband is trying it, too. Since we've both swapped it back and forth (he loves it) I didn't feel I could return it.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Exceptionally fast service. Fantastic.

Product : I have been using these for years so I am glad I found this website.
4 out of 5
Product received only 3 days after ordered.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Service was impeccable

Product : The pillow has made such a positive difference
5 out of 5
Service rating : Prompt service and more than an amicable response to a miscommunication ! Great to speak to a "living being" via phone too :)

Product : I left my 1st pillow in Italy! - I didn't remember the brand..but my intuition lead me back to my safe place! Happy to have found my favourite natural pillow / companion again!
4 out of 5
Service rating : Great website, this is my third purchase. Fast delivery. Easy to order. Good products, good prices.

Product : Larger than standard pillow so name is misleading, but pillow is good quality and fit for purpose.
5 out of 5
Service rating : pillow arrived quickly and safely

Product : I haven't had a sore neck since receiving my tranquillow pillow, I would highly recommend it to anyone
5 out of 5
Service rating : Good website fasr delivery service.

Product : I have used these pillows before and cannot buy them anywhere else but online. All other pillows I have tried are of the memory foam type which I do not like.
4 out of 5
Service rating : this is my second Therapeutic Pillow.......I'm so pleased to find you. I purchased my first pillow through an osteopathic practice and have been afraid to discard it because I wasn't sure where to find another since I've moved cities. All good I found you online after researching. :)

Product : I find I'm developing a 'dowager's lump/hump' at back of neck. I do have a short neck anyway and sometimes feel my head is resting on the edge of the pillow instead of in the dent.
5 out of 5
Blown away by prompt effective service from contact to receipt of pillow a day earlier than expected. Product is perfect and holding up well. willrecommend this company to anyone asking about pillows in future.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Received the pillow in very quick time excellent service.

Product : Have used these pillows for a lot of years could not sleep without it. always take it with me when I go away.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Good service. The pillow arrived quite quickly.

Product : Very supportive pillow. No more neck pain in the morning.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Very difficult to buy a pillow with so many to choose from these days. Hard for people to try out when buying online but I had a tranquillow pillow 10 years ago that I bought from my chiropractor and it suited me back then so I was confident that I wasn't wasting my money.

Product : Took me about a week to get used to it. First night used for 2 hours and increased amount of time over the week. I don't think I could go without it now. My posture is better, my neck pain and headaches have decreased.
4 out of 5
quality is good, but I actually needed something smaller and a little less bulky.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Prompt and efficient service, ordering & delivery

Product : Very comfortable
5 out of 5
Service rating : Your service was excellent but the courier service was very took them several weeks to finally deliver my pillow and only after I made an online complaint......the pillow arrived in Perth within a couple of days of my order but then sat at the depot for over a couple of weeks.

Product : I have osteo arthritis in my neck and this pillow makes a world of difference......thank you.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Order was missing the lupin pillow when initial order was sent. Difficult e-mail system to report the error. The missing item was sent subsequently. All was good in the end.

Product : I really like the contoured pillows - very supportive for my neck.
5 out of 5
Service rating : great service

Product : just love the pillows
5 out of 5
Service rating : Thanks the pillow arrived very quickly and was exactly what I ordered.

Product : The pillow is great thanks
5 out of 5
Service rating : easy to order

Product : Pillow is very nice :-)
5 out of 5
Service rating : Always prompt service.

Product : Been buying this and other tranquillow pillows direct or thru my chiropractor for years, very happy with them. Other pillows just aren't the same.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Good service as before, would buy again

Product : Good service as before, would buy again
5 out of 5
Service rating : My pillow arrived so quickly! Fantastic service.

Product : Has really helped my neck and I no longer wake up with a sore neck.
5 out of 5
Service rating : From ordering to delivery vey quick. No hassles at all

Product : My son loves his new pillow. Thanks
5 out of 5
Service rating : Best price and most helpful description of pillows on any site I could find.

Product : By far the best pillow I have slept on. I was worried about sleeping on a contoured pillow as I have never had this type of pillow before, but it was the best decision I have made. My headaches and neck pain have disappeared!
5 out of 5
Service rating : shipped straight away and arrives.

Product : i recommend these pillows for great sleeping posture and they are reasonably priced
5 out of 5
I have used the Therapeutic pillow for more years than I care to remember. It is an excellent product.
5 out of 5
Great products and very good response to order - quick & easy
5 out of 5
The best pillow I've found. No more stiff neck.
5 out of 5
Service rating : good service and excellent product. This is the 2nd time i have brought a pillow from this company and will do so again.

Product : they sent me the wrong pillow, but i am still happy with it anyway.
4 out of 5
i found it very good for shoulder/neck issues tho not all that comfortable.. i think maybe i should have got the memory foam one.
5 out of 5
Service rating : I have been using the Therapeutic Pillow for years, cannot sleep without it.

Product : I take it everywhere I go, even overseas, love it.
5 out of 5
Service was very prompt & accurate.
5 out of 5
Service rating : fine

Product : fine
5 out of 5
Service rating : Very helpful, quick service

Product : Love my pillow - neck and shoulder so much better using it!
4 out of 5
Service rating : Not bad, better than my last pillow

Product : More neck support
5 out of 5
Service from Theraputic pillow is excellent, but delivery is terrible - 10 days to arrive using fastway couriers, and they didnt even scan tracking updates after initial pickup. I suggest trying another courier company....
5 out of 5
Service rating : Excellent service. Arrived very quickly.

Product : So far so good. Very comfortable and waking up without my usual morning headache.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Very quick delv.

Product : have been using this pillow for 20 years now and it is a big help for my neck problems I received in a car accident. I never leave town without it. I even bought an extra one to leave at my parents home in NZ so I don't have to pack one every time I go there to visit.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Not bought a pillow online or through them before so have nothing to compare to

Product : I thought the pillow cover would be more fitted
5 out of 5
Service rating : Great fast service.

Product : This pillow is very comfortable compared to other foam pillows I have tried. Very happy using it.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Good Company to deal with, so prompt and efficient, enjoyed ordering through them

Product : These are replacement pillows - these are the only pillows I will use, and have been using for over 10 years now - a truly excellent product
5 out of 5
Service rating : After spinal surgery best sleep for a long time.

Product : Was a little dubious about what claims friends had made,not any more.
5 out of 5
Service rating : My pillow arrived the morning after I ordered it! Super fast service.

Product : Just the best pillow ever. My neck loves it. It's exactly right for a side-sleeper, gives the right support to take the pressure off the neck and let the shoulders open up. So comfortable.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Very quick with delivery.

Product : Probably should have bought the family size pillow as the queen pillow is very high and have not got used to sleeping on it as yet.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Great customer service.

Product : Love my new pillow!
5 out of 5
Service rating : Couldn't believe how quickly it arrived

Product : The only pillow I like to use
5 out of 5
Service rating : thank you very much for your quick delivery

Product : I have neck problems for years and this pillow helps a lot
5 out of 5
I find the therapeutic pillow to be excellent as I have had back surgery and this is the only pillow that is comfortable to sleep on . I will be definitely be purchasing more pillow of the same quality
5 out of 5
Service rating : Purchased pillow through internet and was straight forward to purchase. I found it difficult to locate the terms and conditions as the link would direct me to a page with no information.

Product : My partner loves the pillow that I purchased for him. He is sleeping much better and no longer wakes up with a sore neck.
5 out of 5
Service rating : fantastic i couldnt beleive how fast i received my pillow

Product : great i swear by these pillows wouldnt be with out one
5 out of 5
Service rating : Prompt service, arrived within a few days. Thanks.

Product : I have used these pillows for years and won't sleep on anything else.
5 out of 5
I have no complaints about the company at all. Excellent price. Fast postage. The only fault i would say is the courier company that you use!
5 out of 5
Service rating : Excellent service. Very quick delivery.

Product : Very comfortable pillow choice. I particularly valued talking to someone to get advice about what to buy.
5 out of 5
Service rating : I love the range of products that you have and you are the only ones that stock the pillow that I can sleep on. If anyone is wanting a new pillow I tell them to check our your website first.

Product : I'm a side sleeper and this pillow is perfect to keep me in alignment during the night.
5 out of 5
Service rating : xx

Product : xxx
5 out of 5
Service rating : Stress free, high quality customer service

Product : Excellent pillow, very pleased
5 out of 5
Service rating : Great pillows i can not sleep on a other brand.

Product : its hard to know the right high,t of the pillow.
5 out of 5
Service rating : excellent from ordering & excellent from email about difference in pillow

Product : good now I received the second pillow after my email showing the difference from my old one to the new one
5 out of 5
Service rating : Excellent service.

Product : Absolutely delighted by the product.
4 out of 5
Service rating : My pillow shipped and basically arrived the next day, was exactly as described and included a case.

Product : Now that I know a stiff neck and shoulders is not something that just comes with age or a desk job, it will be hard to sleep with anything else ever again. Thank you.
5 out of 5
Service rating : Always very prompt and email me when the order has been accepted and product has been shipped.

Product : The small deluxe Tranquillow Pillow is great and most of my family now have one.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Very helpful, and my pillows arrived quicker than I thought. Will definitely buy from Therapeutic Pillow again.

Product : Probably a little harder than I first thought, and had to wear it in (start out with the new pillow, but swap to my old one after a few hours, and increase the new pillow gradually). Now that I've slept on it for a while, it's great, I'm finally getting back to a good nights sleep.
4 out of 5
Service rating : see rateing 2 for comments

Product : the only issue i have is that over a relatively short time, they go soft on the edges and it kinks my neck, and i need to order another one, so its a bit expensive, usually need a new one every 6 months or so .
4 out of 5
Service rating : Geting used to using the pillow

Product : Getting used to using the pillow
4 out of 5
Service rating : I used to be able to buy the pillow at the chemist but now they don't stock them so I was pleased that I could purchase the pillow on-line

Product : I have been using this pillow for more than 20 years and wouldn't change.
4 out of 5
Service rating : Very quick and accurate product service

Product : Good pillow not exactly what I wanted,but was the best option
5 out of 5
Service rating : Promp service thanks

Product : LOVE my pillow & have recommended your company to many friends
5 out of 5
Delivery in a very timely manner
5 out of 5
Service rating : The pillow was delivered quickly in perfect condition.

Product : It took a week or two to get used to the pillow. It felt very hard at first. Now I am quite used to it and it feels wonderful. I do not wake up with a stiff neck any more.
ask a question
Standard Size Tranquillow Standard Soft: is the softer version pillow of the range. It is 20% softer than the deluxe version. Suited for side sleeprrs and those that prefer a higher pillow. Standard Deluxe: a firm pillow, and slightly heavier (which reflects product longevity). Suited to those that prefer a firmer more rigid supportive pillow. Medium Memory foam : is softer than all the other versions, still offers great support. Low Memory foam : is super soft and of high quality. Suitable for children, back sleeprrrs and those with smaller frames. Small Size Tranquillow Small soft: suitable for small framed back and side sleeprrrs and also youth who prefer a softer pillow yet still have good support. Small Deluxe: best for small framed people who like a firm supportive pillow.
The 'Deluxe' version is 20% firmer than the 'Soft' version. Both of these are of superior quality (which translates as higher density).
The Therapeutic Pillow International (TPI) WARRANTY covers manufacturing defects only. That is defects that can be definitively attributed to the manufacturing process and not those occurring after the product has been opened by the consumer. Also, once product has been used, Government health regulations prohibit return and/or refunds.
TPI does not provide GUARANTEES about product comfort, support, or longevity. Our company will discuss individual queries with consumers, and if there is seen to be a legitimate case we will work together to provide customer satisfaction. This may result in a recommendation and sale of a more appropriate type of pillow which may be offered at a lower-than-retail price plus freight. There are no definitive guarantees.
TPI products, particularly its pillows, have vast price variances which are usually scaled to pillow density (which invariably equates to increased weight of product where foam-based products are concerned) and other factors which constitute a product's integrity (such as Memory foam or laminated pillows (where one piece of foam is adhered to another).
First night. In some cases, however, the sleeper has gotten used to sleeping in an incorrect position for so long that the correct position may feel a bit strange at first. This should correct itself within a week or two, allowing your body to rest properly.
It is an oil-derived synthetic product.
Colour is used to identify a specific grade, hardness of a foam or resilience.
All our foam products have been treated with an allergy inhibiter which deters the presence of dust mite and other allergens.
Feel the weight of the pillow you are contemplating, and if it feels slightly on the 'heavy' side, then this indicates quality. Also with synthetic foam, run your finger along its surface and if there is a slight 'lubricating' feeling to your finger tips and not a 'dryness' then that reflects quality. Also, price does not always reflect quality, but usually the more you pay the better the quality. It is a fact of life!
If you have moved onto a softer bed then you should be using a lower pillow. I would recommend changing to the small deluxe. The reason for this is that you will sink into a softer bed a lot more so you do not need a pillow as high. If the std deluxe was good for so long then i dont think there is any need to change anything except for the size of the pillow.
Hi Kazza, The king size pillow does come in the deluxe foam and should dfinitely be firm enough for your requirements. It is exceptionally high so would be best suited for a broad shouldered side sleeper. Regards, Brett.
Postage for country vic for one pillow will be 11.50 and we ship out daily and normally product will be with you within a few days.
Hello, We have many stockists in Brisbane and i am sure one close to you. Please contact our Qld agency on 07 3279 4400 and they will be able to advise your closest available. Warm regards Brett Parnham.
The king size and queen size tranquillows do only come in the deluxe (firm) grade of foam. I understand where the confusion is with the pic of all the pillows and i will make a change to that image. If you place an order for the king you will receive the pillow you are after (king size deluxe). Please call if you require and i can help you with any further questions. 03 8585 6685.
I would choose a pillow that is quite low. Either the naturelle latex low pillow or the tranquillow memory low pillow would be my recommendation. Definitely something that is low. Please give me a call and happy to chat further with you about what else might be suitable.
Hello, It really depends on both your height and the softness of your bed. Can you give our office a call on 03 8585 6685 and we can discuss which pillow will best suit your needs. Warm regards, Brett
The Deluxe is the firmest density pillow that we use. It is a firm pillow. If in doubt i would recommend the soft version which will give good support but will not be so rigid in its feel. Please call us on 03 8585 6685 and we can help with any other questions that you may have. Warm regards, Brett.
Definitely the soft as far as density goes. It provides good support without feeling to firm which might cause you more tension perhaps. We probably sell about 3 to 1 of the soft versus the deluxe.

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