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Sleep-Away Travel Pillow - For the Hotel, Bus, or Plane. Comfortable and hygienic travel pillow that's also great for camping, comfortable and hygienic travel pillow.

No more too hard, too soft, too high unhygienic hotel pillows. Take your own! Single contour suits all body types. Poly/cotton removable cover for easy cleaning. Choice of 4 colours. Sleep comfortably while travelling or camping.

We highly recomend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector

We highly recomend the use of the Naturelle Pillow Protector in a Small size for your Sleep away pillow. It will help protect you and your pillow from the various bed bugs, dustmites and allergies that may be found when travelling.

Features of the travel pillow

Easy-to-use: Light-weight and compact - ideal for overnight stays away from home.

Don't share a pillow with strangers: Your won Sleep Away Travel Pillow gives the superior protection you (and your family) need for healthy and hygienic sleep.

Travel pillow available in two versions:

  • Deluxe Traditional foam travel pillow: Premium-grade traditional foam with superb comfort and support qualities.Regarded by many health professionals world wide as the benchmark for achieving the ideal 'marriage' of comfort and good sleep posture.
  • Visco elastic memory foam travel pillow:

Travel Pillow Slip Colours

Available in Apricot, Maroon, Royal Blue or Dark Green. Sleep-Away pillow's colored slips help the pillow 'be seen' and not left behind in hotel and motel rooms.

Also available in Steri-Plus cover: Steri-Plus has aspecial polyurethane ply (film) bonded to woven polyester fabric and is moisture and bacteria-resistant.

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Service rating : Have been using the big ones at home but worried about when we travel o/cs. Good news, they work.

Product : Did a test run before the big holiday, all I can say is thank god we got the pillows.
Service rating : Lots of info on website to make decision easy.

Product : Good support for my neck, light weight for easy traveling.
Service rating : Parcel arrived quite quickly.

Product : As well as me using it for a pillow my husband also finds it a good support for his back.
Service rating : Fast service and Iike the fact I can use Paypal to pay

Product : I love this pillow to take on Holiday with me. No more worrying about whether the pillow will be comfortable in every place we stay in Europe. I have neck and shoulder issues but this pillow really helps. Thanks!
Service rating : Very quick delivery

Product : Love these pillows
Service rating : Rapid accurate order response

Product : perfect pillow - although for travel I use it as a regular pillow
Service rating : my partner uses this also as a cushion to sit on

Product : good neck support - but prefer to use an additional pillow case with it.
Service rating : The pillows are excellent for sleeping and have great support for neck - the staff very helpful and courteous

Product : Great travel pillow good substitute for memory foam large pillow when away from home
Service rating : Service and delivery time was excellent

Product : Love the pillows - best nights sleep!
Service rating : Reasonable price, fast postage

Product : Great for trips away
Service rating : Very quick service and delivery, I had the pillow the very next day.

Product : Seems very comfortable, as yet to try for extended time but happy with the pillow
Service rating : all good.

Product : Still to take it on holidays but confident its exactly what we want.
Service rating : Efficient with delivery

Product : Always quite firm to begin with but will get softer. Great size for my suitcase
Great products and very good response to order - quick & easy
Service rating : My neck is now supported and I have less neck and back pain and have a better nights sleep

Product : it is an excellent size and I am satisfied with the results from sleeping on it.
Great pillow, light weight for travel, has solved my neck problems when travelling. Company was very efficient, pillow arrived quicky. A colleague just bought one too after I kept raving about it. Recommend the pillow and the company.
Service rating : prompt delivery. well packed to avoid transit damage

Product : terrific. easily packed into bags
Service rating : Only used once so far - but much better than motel pillows

Product : Was a bit concerned re size for carrying but fits in travel bag perfectly - so far so good.
Service rating : Pillow is so handy, & easy to include in luggage. Will save me many headaches when traveling.

Product : Prompt and friendly service, thanks.
Service rating : Prompt and terrific.

Product : Just love it. I do not know how I have lived with my back and neck so long without it!!!!!!!
Service rating : Easy, prompt no hassle service. Well done.

Product : I have only tested it for one night but found it good. Nice and compact to take with me on trips. Thank you.
Service rating : fast delivery.very happy

Product : SEcond one we've bought and have also recommended to my travelling friends. They bought one too
Service rating : The pillow is the difference for me between a stiff neck and inability to make a safe right hand turn!Thanks for quick service.

Product : I wish it had a double cover to protect the foam from night time sleep dribble!!! I use mine every night not just for travel.It keeps my spine in correct position around the C1 area. so stiff necks pain and headaches are avoided. Free movement the next day!
Service rating : Very prompt and professional.

Product : Pillow is a little firmer than I had expected but provides good support and will bevery useful when travelling.
Service rating : Excellent service. Fast delivery and prompt response to my email.

Product : I took my travel pillow away last weekend. It was easy to pack in my suitcase thanks to the memory foam. I am thrilled that my neck survived the weekend away! Perfect alternative to those horrible hotel pillows! The coloured cover made it easy not to forget it at the end of my stay. Just love it!
Service rating : The pillow is a bit hard once all the covers are on.

Product : The blue cover is fine.
Service rating : Very prompt - thank you

Product : I haven't had a chance to use it yet as keeping it for a trip away next week. But it looks very similar to the Memory pillow I already use that is a Therapeutic one.
Service rating : The online service was as good as it can get.

Product : Have used the pillow but once so haven't yet been able to make a full assessment. But it seems OK so far.
Service rating : Quick email respsonse. Fast delivery. Very happy.

Product : We won't leave home without them now!! We have larger memory foam pillows that are just too heavy and big to take OS. These smaller dimension pillows are great, just the right size for carry on luggage if you want them on flight. We don't use them as flight pillows but for everyday pillows when we arrived. We both have necks that require good s upport so they were a wonderful find for us.Sooo glad I found you online
Service rating : Very quick delivery. Thanks.

Product : Fast delivery. Great service.
Service rating : I always buy the complete sleeprr pillows (White one) and love it. My whole family uses them.

Product : Pillow too hard. The memory foam is too dense for me. Others may like that though.
Service rating : Very prompt service

Product : An excellent pillow for travelling
Service rating : Exactly what Iwanted thankyou

Product : great 10/10
Service rating : Very happy with goods and service provided.

Product : Very happy, I will now order the full size version for day to day use!
Service rating : Good quality

Product : Great service, very quick delivery.
Service rating : Very quick delivery

Product : It is very pleasing to know I can leave home and travel with my own pillow that is suitable for my neck.
Service rating : I rang Therapeutic Pillow asking if they had the product I wanted still in stock and they were extremely lovely and helpful on the phone. After explaining that I needed the pillow to be delivered to my door within 5 days, the receptionist was right on it had it delivered within 2!

Product : I love my therapeutic pillow! I bought the travel size as I am in Europe for 6 months and I use it every night, I don't know what I would do without it. I don't think I will be able to go back to using my normal-sized pillow at home because I like this one too much!
I was unhappy about paying around $10 for postage and would have purchased from elsewhere if possible for this reason.
Service rating : I found the service fantastic, as pillow arrived very soon after ordering. The pillow is really great too.

Product : As Above !!
Service rating : My pillow was delivered very quickly

Product : This is my second travel pillow never leave home without it
Service rating : Arrived very quickly

Product : Great sleeps with thus pillow
Service rating : Fast, easy and professional

Product : The second one I've bought and you cannot find a travel pillow anywhere except you company
Service rating : My orders were processed quickly and the company emailed me so I would know what stage it was up.

Product : My friend and I love our pillows. Our original pillow came with a travel bag, which we also love. The second one didn't, unfortunately.
Service rating : Prompt service

Product : Exactly as described, very comfortable
Service rating : Very helpful on the phone

Product : Compact but very comfortable
Service rating : I found it to be exactly how it was advertised and it did have the memory foam effect.

Product : The pillow was quite stiff
Service rating : Quick and efficient service

Product : I loved this pillow! I used it every day while travelling in country and abroad. Fantastic quality and easily washable.
Service rating : I have ordered goods from Therapeutic Pillow Australia and have found the process to be of a high standard each time. The purchases are easy on their website and each delivery has been in the shortest possible time.

Product : I have not tried my new Travel Pillow for a full nights sleep yet, but I find it to be as comfortable as my full size pillow.
Service rating : quick professional service

Product : softer than I thought
Great service. Fast delivery.
Service rating : My pillow arrived quickly and I found it easily on the web site. Thank you

Product : My Sleep away pillow travelled all of Europe and the Uk with me. It was small enough to fit in my restricted size suit case (due to coach trip) and gave me the support and comfort that my normal size one I use at home gave! Thank you for making this size pillow for us people that take our pillow everywhere we go.
Service rating : Fast delivery

Product : Comfy and handy size. Can't wait to travel again
love the product
Service rating : Perfect for taking on holidays

Product : Light enough to to on plane trips as hand luggage.
Service rating : Excellent service - very quick despatch. Thank you

Product : Product was exactly what I expected and I will shop with this company again.
Service rating : Very fast to deliver

Product : I've used these pillows for years and will continue to do so

Service rating : My pillow arrived very quickly

Product : I have been using these pillows for years and are very happy with them
Service rating : great service, very friendly and obliging receptionist

Product : very comfortable
Service rating : The pillow was delivered quickly and I received the product that I ordered.

Product : The pillow has been helpful in reducing neck pain at night
Service rating : service was professional and very prompt

Product : It's super handy for when I travel.
Service rating : Quick arrival of goods

Product : A wonderful product which I have recommended to friends and purchased for family members.
Service rating : Speedy

Product : Thanks for speedy service
Service rating : Was a fast delivery.

Product : Could be higher on the low side to be similar to the contoured pillow I normally use for side sleeping. I find using the high side is too high and too low on the other for comfort.
Service rating : Wish the products were sold through more retail outlets, but the website is an easy way to purchase.

Product : Took the travel pillow away for a month long trip through Europe, it was excellent to prevent sore neck/shoulders. Light, compact, but big enough to be comfortable.
Service rating : Pillow was delivered soon after ordering.

Product : I travel a lot for work and no longer have neck issues after travelling. The pillow also fits nicely into my suitcase.
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Yes, the foam in Sleepaway Pillow is treated with an anti-allergen to inhibit the presence of dust mites.
The SleepAway Travel Pillow is compact, foldable, and available in Memory foam or conventional foam. Taking your own clean and comfortable travel pillow means that you don't have to put up with too-hard, too-soft or unhygienic pillows found in hotels, motels and hostels.
Hi Janelle, I would not roll as it may tear in the process. Best to just squash into bag or suitcase and store flat so product can just bounce back into correct shape.
Hi Sylvia, Yes we do have gift vouchers available. Please contact our office on 03 8585 6685 and they will be able to organise for you along with personal greeting or anything else you might need. Regards, Brett.
Fantastic. Thanks for the great feedback and glad we could meet your expectations. Thanks again.

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