Pillows and cushions can provide the support where you need it while you are sleeping. Whether you experience discomfort in your back, legs, hips or spine these pillows and cushions can help improve your sleep positioning. 

A few of the most popular types of sleep positioning pillows and cushions include: 

  • Neck support cushion. These help to support the head and are perfect for dozing in chairs. They prevent neck ache because the head isn't allowed to fall forward or sideways during sleep. 
  • Maternity support cushion. This option includes two connected pillows. There is a connector that supports the mother's tummy with one pillow and a second pillow for supporting her back. This pillow allows for comfortable side sleeping. 
  • Banana pillow. These pillows provide support in the right places. The pillow can be placed behind the lower back or between the legs.

Get Better Sleep With the Right Pillows 

Our pillows and cushions are sleep position aids that can encourage the natural alignment of your spine and pelvis during sleep. By using the right pillows, you can sleep restfully at night without being in constant pain or worrying about being unable to sleep due to discomfort. 

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