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Our company’s roots are in pillows. Way back in 1972, our first product was the Tranquillow, a contour pillow designed to help all of our customers enjoy peaceful and pain-free rest at the end of each day. Forty years and quite a bit of feedback from customers and health care professionals later, and we’ve expanded our line of pillows to accommodate all sleeping styles. You can choose from any of our following pillow lines:

  • The Tranquillow: The one that started it all. Even today, the Tranquillow offers some of the best head and neck support that you’ll find on the sleep aid market.
  • Latex Pillows: Made from long-lasting, all natural latex, these contour pillows will maintain their shape over time while also preventing unwanted moisture and heat buildup.
  • Eggfoam pillows: With a top layer of soft luxurious eggfoam over a heavy density cushioning foam to absorb movement, these pillows are suited to everyone’s ideal sleeping position.
  • Memory foam pillows: When it comes to comfortable pillows, memory foam can’t be beat. These pillows conform to your sleeping position, allowing for unmatched support and comfort. Our product offerings include contoured and adjustable memory foam pillows, gel infused pillows offering a wide array of sleep configurations, and cooling gel pillows to help even out your body temperature while you sleep.


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A good night’s sleep not only helps to recharge your body’s natural energies, but it also goes a long way in determining just how much aching and pain you’ll be feeling the next morning. Your investment in one of our comfortable contour pillows can help ensure that you achieve the sort of restful sleep needed in order to enjoy a happier, healthier lifestyle. To find out more about the many quality pillows that we offer, just give us a call at (03) 8585 6685. Customers outside of Australia can reach us at +61 3 8585 6685.

Therapeutic Pillow received a 97% Positive service rating by Feefo in 2016

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